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5 Things to Do When You’re Feeling Blue

Since I started my college journey only two months ago, I’ve come to have days when I am feeling sad. Sometimes it’s because I am homesick and miss my loved ones, and sometimes it’s for really no particular reason at all. While it is important to accept your feelings and not push them aside, it’s harmful to always dwell on what is making you sad. Here are a few things I do when I am having a not so happy day.


1. Call Your Mom!

My mom has received an enormous amount of phone calls and texts from me since I’ve started school. Crying to her or just simply talking to her always makes me feel better. I also love talking to my sister, my dad, my aunts, and my grandparents too. Talking to them, even if it’s just a quick text makes me feel a little closer to home. I’ve also found that the group chats I have with my best friends are vital to my happiness. We always update each other and FaceTime as much as possible, and hearing about their day or week cheers me up instantly. Talking to your friends and family, whether it’s for five or fifty minutes, is an instant mood booster.



2. Watch Your Favorite Movie or TV Show

Turning on an episode (or two) of your favorite show or watching your favorite movie is an easy way to distract yourself and change your mood. The Office and Parks and Recreation are my go to’s for a laugh, and This Is Us is for when I need a good cry. Mamma Mia has gotten a fair share of watches from me, as well as all the rom-coms Netflix has to offer. Finding the show or movie that improves your mood, even for a short period of time, is one way to evade your blues.


3. Take a Walk

Getting outside and walking around is one of my personal favorite ways to cheer myself up. I often get into my head and dwell on everything, so getting out of my dorm and walking around the neighborhood while listening to music is refreshing. It takes me out of my head and lets me just appreciate my surroundings.


4. Explore

Go to the zoo. Pop into little boutiques. Try new restaurants. Go to events being held at DePaul and in the city. Hop on the train and get off at a random stop and see what that neighborhood is like. Step out of your comfort zone. We live in one of the biggest cities in the country. You will never run out of things to do, and exploring new areas will make this city a little more like home. This helps me when I am feeling homesick, as it makes me feel more like I live here and less like a visitor.


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5. Take a Shower or Bath

Soaking in the tub with a bath bomb and a relaxing playlist is a perfect way to just unwind and decompress. Time in the tub is also a really good time to think and ruminate in your thoughts and feelings. And if you’re more of a shower person, it’s still a great place to think and cleanse away all of your stress and sadness. Plus, have you ever cried in the shower? Shower cries are some of the best cries.


These are some of the activities that I have found helped me on the days I am feeling a little sad or homesick. Obviously, everyone is different, so these may not work for you, but it’s incredibly important to find those things that make you feel good. Don’t neglect your feelings, and listen to what they’re saying, but make sure to not let your sadness consume you.        


Sadie is co- Campus Correspondent for Her Campus DePaul. She is a proud Wisconsinite double majoring in Journalism and Media and Cinema Studies. She is a cheese-loving lactose intolerant, musical theater nerd, movie buff, and cat lady. If you ever need to know unnecessary random facts about celebrities or want a live reenactment of every episode of The Office, she's your gal.
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