4 Ways to Make the Most of Finals Week

  1. Use finals week as an excuse to check out a new cafe or hit up one of your go-tos. I LOVE a good cafe environment. I find that I am the happiest and most productive sitting in a sunny cafe with a good throwback playlist free of distractions. Some of my favorite cafes to study at are CBA, Bageler’s Coffeehouse, Two Hearted Queen, Heritage Bicycle, Colectivo, and Loba Pastry + Coffee. The library might make you productive, but a drab space without much natural light can be a bit draining (no offense, DePaul). Likewise, you might be the most comfortable at your apartment, but you have to put so much energy into staying focused when you’re surrounded by endless distractions. In my own experience, trying to do school work at home usually ends in me convincing myself I need a 20-minute nap which almost always turns into a 2-hour nap.

Photos of Bageler’s Coffeehouse

Photo of Loba Pastry + Coffee

2. Take “creative outlet” breaks. They will re-inspired and re-energized you. I find that if I take a nap or watch an episode of TV, it’s hard to get back on track because I’ve completely lost my momentum. Doing something creative but relaxing won’t throw you off your rhythm. I’ve enjoyed graphic design for a while now, but since so much of the rest of my life is on computers I’ve been searching for a more hands-on creative outlet.

Graphic Design (80s Album Concept Art)

One night, I started collaging. It was super relaxing yet I knew I was working towards a goal so it still felt productive. Some other creative outlet ideas: adult coloring books, photography, painting, sketching, reading, or writing for Her Campus DePaul!

3. Go out and enjoy the nice weather! Celebrate the end of the long winter by just being outside and enjoying the beauty of nature! There’s nothing like feeling the warmth of the sun of your face after what feels like an eternity of bitter cold. Read a book or just sunbathe and indulge in all the Vitamin D. Oz Park is the move after class

4. Indulge in a greasy, caloric but oh-so-worth-it meal! I’m talking about a strawberry shake, cheeseburger, and crinkle cut fry combo from Shake Shack. Or two huge slices of pizza at 1 am from Dimo’s Pizza after finishing your final paper. Devil Dawgs and Sweet Mandy B’s are other places near campus practically designed for you to treat yourself.

All photographs were taken by the author herself.