4 Things to Make the Best of this Midterm Season

Ah, midterms: the point in this winter quarter where we go back and forth between extreme cabin fever and drowning in work. It can feel like there is almost no end in sight with it being cloudy all day and that it begins to get dark at 4:30 p.m. So instead of focusing on the negative, here are 10 things to keep you from going crazy this midterm season.


1. Hot Cocoa Szn!!

It is the only appropriate time of year where you can drink a 98 degree drink and not sweat profusely!!!! So take a study break, and go out and grab some hot cocoa mix! If you wanna spice it up, you can add whipped cream, sprinkles, marshmallows, etc!


2. Fuzzy everything!!!

The one good thing about winter is you can never have too many fuzzy blankets around your apartment. I enjoy just curling up in a blanket, putting on some fuzzy socks, and cracking open the books. Onesies are also a big mood, so maybe get a onesie party together with some friends!!

3. Candles!

Midterms can be a super stressful time with lots of assignments in a short amount of time, so finding ways to relax is key! I like to take study breaks and watch a movie with some candles burning. Winter allows for candles all the time! So take a break and find your favorite candle and pair it with a movie!


4. Summer is only 4 ½ months away!!

If none of these things matter, you can always remember that midterms bring us closer to summer! So you might as well work hard to make time go by, and before you know it the year is over!