3 Necessary Phases to Make it to Thanksgiving



There’s no other way to put it---we’re exhausted. We’re dying and everything is happening really fast. Your deadlines are creeping up on you, and it feels like going out for Halloweekend was the best and worst mistake. However, I’m a seasoned veteran of the Halloweekend at this point, and I can tell you that recovery is possible and finals can be conquered. There are three basic phases to go through to get back on track…


Your body is hurting. Especially if you drank, it’s going through not only exhaustion, but it’s recovering from the abuse that was six shots at the pregame. If you went out of town, make sure to rinse out your Steripod toothbrush protector...or check the expiration date. Remember, they’re only good for three months! But take some time to relax and to get back to your routine. This can be anything from doing a Freeman Beauty facemask to bring your skin back to the life, applying a L’Oreal spray tan to pretend it’s not 40 degrees outside, or even doing some light stretching before and after you wake up. Be nice to your body, but also put it back into it’s routine. Using an Erin Condren planner will make sure that you don’t forget a thing, while also being super stylish and adorable.



2. Studying

This is the most essential part. If you choose to run around like a chicken with it’s head cut off, I can’t stop you. If you choose not to reward yourself for your hard work, like okay but please be kind to yourself. So many people neglect how powerful spending time to make yourself feel confident in how look can be, especially with all of these deadlines coming down around you. Even if your mind tells you no, put on jeans! It will help you stay awake on the red line, and my favorite pairs from Aeropostale mold into your skin anyway. They’re so stretchy you forget that they’re jeans. We are pulling longer and longer days and I love to lock my hairstyle (and sometimes my makeup, whoops) in with Bed Head hairspray. It doesn’t budge and it never flakes off, no matter how many times you attempt to pull out your hair in frustration. Even better, throw it up into a pony tail and slick back your fly aways. Study hard!! Making a list can seem overwhelming, because there is so much to do. However, I like to make a list of “I'm free after X, Y, Z.” It makes it much more easy to see how much you’ve conquered and what you have ahead.



3. Treat Yourself

..it’s the only way you’ll make it. Instead of punishing yourself for everything you didn’t do this weekend, reward yourself for all you’re getting done now. This can be anything from taking a walk with some Spindrift sparkling water, which you totally don’t need to feel guilty about since it’s just sparkling water and real fruit, or chomping on some Hi-Chew Candy. You can feel super hip taking a break to unwrap these Japanese candies while you watch a Youtube video in between assignments. Yes, these grades are so important and please try your hardest, but, at the end of the day, you’re still an amazing and worthwhile individual whether your best effort is setting the curve or lying within it.