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With Valentine’s Day coming up, many of you, whether you’re in a relationship or not, will be using your vaginas to celebrate this Hallmark holiday. Therefore, it’s time to educate yourself on the necessary, and not so necessary, facts about the vagina. Because let’s face it, there’s something in here about sharks, and while it’s interesting, it’s probably not all that important for you to know. Anyways, enjoy!

1. The clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings, the most concentrated amount of nerve endings for any organ in a male or female.

2. The clitoris is the size of a penis. The entire clitoris actually wraps around the back of the vagina and is about the size of a medium zucchini.

3. Each vagina has its own smell. So don’t be worried if your friend’s vagina smells differently than yours. I don’t know why you would know what your friend’s vagina smells like, but, hey, girls talk about weird stuff sometimes. I’m not here to judge.

4. Vagina comes from Latin and means “sheath for a sword.” Wow. You know, Latin was used, like, a million years ago when people still believed that all a vagina was good for was holding a… sword… Penis. I’m talking about a penis. Whatever. Latin’s a dead language anyway so who cares?

5. The vagina can expand up to 200% during sex and while giving birth. Yup. Vaginas are pretty cool like that.

6. The skin of a vagina is incredibly elastic and will adjust its size when needed. So don’t worry, a larger penis won’t stretch it out, but having a baby definitely can.

7. Painful sex (dyspareunia) is normal after a woman loses her virginity. However, if the pain doesn’t lessen with time, other conditions may be the cause, including inflammation, allergic reactions to latex condoms or spermicide, or endometriosis.

8. Some studies have shown that women who are more confident about their vaginas have better orgasms. Ladies, your vaginas want a little self-love and body positivity too!


9. Both sharks and vaginas contain a substance called squalene. It is present in sharks’ livers and is also a natural vaginal lubricant. So basically, all women with vaginas are part shark… That’s what we’re taking from this fact.


10. Vaginas are self-cleaning. I’m sure you’ve heard this fact MANY times, but I’m serious! Stop douching! Douching can upset the pH balance in your vagina and cause infection.

11. The vagina does not open up to the abdominal cavity. Therefore, it is impossible to lose a tampon, condom, or anything else inside a vagina.

12. While very rare, it is possible for a woman to develop an allergy to the proteins in semen. This condition is known as human seminal plasma protein hypersensitivity. Most cases only involve itching and swelling after sex, but in some cases it can be life threatening. Research shows that certain women are allergic to certain men but not to others. So, it is actually possible to be allergic to men. Huh. Who knew?

13. Smoking can actually cause your vagina to get saggy overtime. So, if you didn’t have enough reasons before to not smoke, just know, your vagina might get reeeaaaalll saggy.

14. When one gynecologist was asked what it was like looking at vaginas all day, she replied, “Really, it’s just a bunch of different haircuts.” Looking at vaginas is not as exciting of a job as you might think, I guess.

Feel more empowered? I hope so. Feeling proud of your vagina for all the amazing things it can do? You bet you are! So treat your powerful little friend to some fun this Valentine’s Day!

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