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Trends We Wish Would Make A Comeback On Campus

With all the changes you experience in college, sometimes we can’t help but wonder what it would be like if some of the trends from “the good ol’ days” would become popular again.  Here are some of the things we wish would make a comeback on campus:
1. Letter Writing
Who doesn’t love to receive mail?  It’s always fun to get a handwritten card or postcard in the mail, and it’s something you can keep forever!  
2. Roller Skating
What a fun way to get around!  You can tour the campus in style, make a quick trip into town, or zip to the local ice cream shop.  
3. Jazz Clubs/Swing Dancing
Much more fun than those uncoordinated, strange club music and dancing today, this old-fashioned, upbeat music will keep you swinging and swaying all night!
These are some fun activities from “the good ol’ days” that you can bring back to your campus! Whether it’s the way you get to class, or the music you’re blaring down the hallway, you can bring a little taste of the past to your college campus this year!
I am an English/Creative writing major at Denison University and a member of the class of 2019.
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