Tis the Season! My Routine For Getting Over a Cold

1. Vitamin C is your best friend


Vitamin C supplements like Emergen-C and Airborne are a common step that many people take to both prevent and fight the common cold. I’m a sucker for anything fruit flavored so strawberry kiwi Emergen-C is something I always reach for when I feel a cold coming on. Buying boxes of Emergen-C seems to be a common thing for college students to do so I always trade Emergen-C flavors with my friends if I ever get bored of the kind that I have.



2. Water, water, water!


My mom’s philosophy for getting over any sickness has always been to drown yourself in as many cups of water as physically possible. It’s super important to drink lots of liquids when you’re sick in order to flush the toxins out of your body. The major downside to this? Peeing every 20 minutes.

3. Teatime


Sore throats and stuffy noses seem to go hand-in-hand with the common cold. That’s why I always drink lots of tea when I feel my throat becoming sore. Honey is a miracle worker for soothing sore throats so it never hurts to add a spoonful of it into your teacup. The tea that I always reach for before bed is Sleepytime Vanilla

4. Sorry haters, drink kombucha

It seems like people are tied between loving kombucha and hating it. As a lover of kombucha, I always drink it when I’m sick. Kombucha is a probiotic drink that promotes a healthy immune system. It comes in tons of different flavors and, in my opinion, is delicious. My favorite kinds include Kevita Tart Cherry and Health Ade Pink Lady Apple. 


5. Take a decongestant


If you’ve got a stuffy nose like I’ve have so many times before, I suggest taking a decongestant. Decongestants do exactly what they sound like they do-they relieve congestion in your ears and nose. Sudafed and Mucinex are two common decongestant pills. Like most things, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor before taking a decongestant.

6. Sleep 


You’ve probably heard this a million times but getting sleep is one of the most effective ways to recover from a cold. It’ll do you and your body no good to stay up late and you’ll wake up the next morning feeling even worse. Manage your time and go to bed two hours earlier than you usually would. You and your body will thank you, trust me!