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Things Today’s Denison Freshmen Will Never Know

Since I started at Denison just four short years ago, a lot has changed. Most of these changes have been for the better, but some of them have not. For better or for worse, here’s a list of things the class of 2022 will never get to experience on The Hill:

1) The Old Curtis

This is a change that has, without a doubt, been for the better. When I started freshmen year, Curtis was the most convenient dining hall to eat at, but surely not my first choice. With its one-way staircase that developed a line that snaked outside during peak meal times, depressing green carpet and awkwardly restrictive door to the Veggie Room, it was in desperate need of an update. Besides chicken tender night, the only redeeming factor was seeing Lynn’s smiling face at the top of the stairs. Thankfully, it received a much-needed facelift and is now much more beautiful, welcoming, and overall better smelling.


2) Slayter’s Cantina Station

Much like Curtis, lots of things have changed about the food stations in our student union. While the first years might be impressed with the new and exciting options in Slayter (Sushi! Ice Cream! Lean Cuisine Meals!) they will never know the thrill of adrenaline that comes from ordering from the Cantina “Just like Chipotle” station. Will you be sick the next day from the sketchy meat and/or other various ingredients? Only time will tell!


3) Yik-Yak

With only a little bit of shame, I will admit that I miss Yik Yak. Y4k Yak was an app that allowed people to create anonymous message threads posted by users located within a 5-mile radius of their location. Though it could be very problematic at times, it was nice to feel like you knew what was happening on campus. It made our already tiny campus feel even more like a community, especially for a first year (me) who really didn’t know what was going on.


4) Denison Snaps

Like Yik Yak, the SnapChat account definitely had its low moments. But it also was pretty cool to have a kind of communal Snapstory with everyone on campus. Not to mention the evolution to Denison Naps was super relatable and made you feel better knowing that your fellow students were struggling as much as you were.


5) Mediocre Bon Appetit  

Say what you will about the reason Bon Appetit has stepped up their game this year, there’s no denying that it has greatly improved. From a locally sourced food truck, to a cart giving out hot chocolate and caramel apples, to the improved food quality in the dining halls, there’s been a noticeable difference this year. Today’s first years will never know the struggle of finding caterpillars in their broccoli, or not being able to eat waffles in Huffman on the weekends.


6) Tent-Free Parties

The fact that the Sunset apartments are not the most structurally sound dorms on campus has been common knowledge for a long time. But they’ve reached a new level of instability this year, prompting the administration to send out a letter informing students that parties in Sunnies are very unsafe. Among their proposed solutions to this crisis is setting up a tent in the parking lot behind the Brownstone apartments, complete with space heaters and campus security. My freshmen year, people just joked about the Sunnies falling off the hill, but now, sadly, it’s become a reality. Hopefully this problem can be quickly resolved without causing too many people to pitch a fit.  

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