Thank You to My College Roommates

I came into college so concerned about living with another person. Would I be too much for them to handle? Would they be mean? Would it all just be miserable? However, by this point in my college career I can wholeheartedly say that living with a gaggling crew of other ladies has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. Often these ladies go thankless, but no longer.

Thank you, my dear roommates, for all the wonderful trips to get food. There’s no better way to explore our town than by eating our way through it. I’d say we’ve definitely accomplished that.

Thank you for keeping on top of our toilet paper stocks. I can imagine no worse Armageddon than a lack of toilet paper in our sweet apartment. Thanks for reminding me that cheap shaving cream can work just as well as the expensive stuff, as long as you will that to be true.

Thank you for the sweet hugs, the movie nights and the endless supply of cat videos. Thanks for laughing at those cat videos with me.

Thank you for making sure I do my homework and cheering me on after a job well done. Thank you for letting me do the same for you.

Thanks for not pointing out my unmade bed after a long day. Thanks for getting me my towel when I remember its absence mid-shower.

Thank you for the adventures. Thank you for putting up with my occasionally off-brand humor.

Thanks for never complaining about my obsession with the shows I watch. Thanks for listening when I need to get something off my chest.

Thanks for never snapping when I accidentally wake you up (usually because I’ve stormed in ready and armed with another cat video).

Thanks for the motivation, the love and all the laughter.

Thank you, overall, for proving that I never needed to fear living with another person. Thank you for proving that I wouldn’t feel nearly as fulfilled if I didn’t have you amazing people by my side.