Sweet Dreams


How often do you remember your dreams? As someone who remembers theirs quite often, this is something I ask most of my friends frequently, out of curiosity. My dreams sound like something out of a storybook. Here’s one I had recently:


My friend and I had been talking about the Lourve, in Paris. On a whim, we booked a flight and we were on our way. We spent the whole day looking at some of the most beautiful pieces of art in history. There were pieces by some of the biggest names – Michaelangelo, Rembrandt, da Vinci, Caravaggio...and the list goes on. We stayed until the museum closed, and then realized we had nowhere to go. So, we walked around Paris. Somehow, we ended up in a meadow-like area and we found an old, dingy, abandoned castle. We walked in and me being me, I made my friend clean with me. We dusted the walls and shelves, mopped all the floors, and vacuumed all the carpets. We finally had a place to stay, but we were hungry. We looked for a kitchen, but instead, we found a room where the door opened to a magic garden. It was magical because there were fruits and vegetables from every season and country. On top of that, those fruits and vegetables spoke. Sour fruits were a bit sassy. Unripe fruits spoke like children. Sweet fruits gave a lot of complements. It was a massive garden and we loved every bit of it

Alright, so I don’t really remember how my dream ended, but as you can see, I do remember a huge chunk of it. However, there are a lot of things I question about it. For example, I love art and I’m a bit of a nerd, but I’m still not sure how I dreamt these things in such great detail. I also have no idea how I found working electronic cleaning utensils in an old, abandoned castle. On top of that, fruits can’t talk (but honestly, maybe it’d be nice if they could). But my biggest question is why did I have this dream? 


Who knows why we dream what we do? Psychologists have tried to answer that complicated question, and there are some answers. I don’t know the answer, but I appreciate the entertainment of my dreams. It makes sleep seem all the better.


Here’s to hoping we dream marvelous dreams, and they come true in some way – no matter how ridiculous or perplexing they may seem.