Study Tips Heading Into Finals

Finals are almost upon us on The Hill and with them comes a lot of added stress and anxiety. How fun! Here are a few helpful tips to get through all of your studying and finish up those final papers.


  1. Ignore the phone: It’s tempting, I know. But to make sure you get some studying done, put your phone on Do Not Disturb and put it somewhere that is not within arms reach. For me, I sit at my desk and toss my phone on my bed. It’s harder to take phone breaks when you have to physically get up from your desk to get it. Use the laziness of not wanting to get up to your advantage!

  2. Stay organized: This is a big one for me because I am a hyper-organized person. Use a planner or phone calendar to write down when your final assignments/papers/projects are due. Make sure you’re clear on the start and end times of all of those exams. Being organized helps clear your brain and allows you to focus more intently on the assignments that are most pressing.

  3. Set small goals: It’s okay to not completely finish an assignment in one sitting. I often have to remind myself of this. Instead, set small goals for yourself like finishing a page and a half of your paper and then move on to something else. This helps to avoid burn out if you’re working really hard on it or have study/writer’s block. Come back to it later and you’ll feel refreshed and ready to finish it up.

  4. Leave your room: Am I the only one who’s tempted to climb into bed whenever I’m trying to avoid studying? No? Then get out of your room! Find a table in the common room, a private desk at the library, or (if you’re lucky) claim a room in one of the academic buildings to get a good study session. Plus it helps to keep relaxing time and stressful/work time separate. If you do absolutely everything in your room, you won’t have a comfy place to come back to after cramming for that final because your room will be teeming with anxiety.


Of course we always need to remember to take care of ourselves during finals week. Don’t forget to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep, eat nutritious food when your body needs it, exercise when you have time, get outside for fresh air if you can stand the cold, and relax when you feel that it’s time to have a break. We can do this, only a few more days!