Music I've Been Really Digging

Spotify is truly and honestly my life. I listen while I’m doing homework. I jam while I do my makeup or getting ready for a night out. I fall asleep to the Gentle Rain playlist. The Spotify app has become my best friend in the year that I’ve had it. Although this may sound like some kind of ad, I genuinely have such a passion for this app. I love Discover Weekly and look forward to my new playlist every Monday. It’s introduced me to some great artists and given me quite a few bops. Here’s some of the new music I’ve compiled into my playlist, called “my good ass playlist”.

  1. D’yer M’ker- Led Zeppelin.Why not kick off the list with a classic? “D’yer M’ker”, off the album “Houses of the Holy”, is the perfect song for that special someone in your life that pisses you off to no end, but at the end of the day you can’t help but be crazy about them. Whenever I listen to this song I can’t help but belt along when Robert Plant sings “Ooh, baby I love you!”, and I guarantee you will too.
  2. Colours- The Avalanches. Everything off of the album “Wildflower” is a bop, but allow “Colours” to carry you off into a multicolor dreamland. There’s something whimsical about this lovely song, and the crackling static in the background and the simple beat will stay in your head all day.
  3. Black Buddha- Beach For Tiger. I first heard this song while watching a vlogger named Freya Haley on YouTube as she documented her lush Australian life, and now I can only associate it with the beach. When I hear the infectious riff and lazy vocals, I’m reminded of warm sunshine and long days full of doing nothing.
  4. I Wanna Prove To You- The Lemon Twigs. When I hear this song I think of The Beatles, and when you hear it you’ll know why. Though musically simple they really understood what it take to create an earworm.
  5. We Don’t Care- BORNS. Garrett Borns’s music is insanely catchy and will hook you immediately. “We Don’t Care” is off his most recent album, “Blue Madonna”, and it’s an IDGAF party anthem that will have you dancing in circles in your room.
  6. Pillow Talk- The Get Money Squad. Not quite as popular as Zayn Malik’s song of the same name, but this jam is equally great in its own way. This is off “Ruff Buff”, an album released just last year. I love the crashing cymbals in the beginning and the way the guitar and bass come in a few bars later, the first time I heard it I knew instantly it was a jam.
  7. Mr. Tambourine Man- The Byrds. Off the album “Mr. Tambourine Man”, this is a fun song with a great bass line and of course, a tambourine. The lyrics talk about having nothing to do except follow the music, so it’s a simple song to find yourself lost in.
  8. He’ll Never Love You (HNLY)- Hayley Kiyoko. The American people need to accept Hayley Kiyoko as our rightful president already. “Expectations” is an iconic album and it’s been out mere weeks. Hayley Kiyoko sings to her woman in this sexy as hell bop about how her man will never love her the way Kiyoko can.
  9. Twentytwo- Sunflower Bean. This song is perfect for you seniors who will be leaving us in a few weeks. It’s an anthem that longs to stay young, to stay in this moment. This song is from the band’s recently released album “Twentytwo in Blue” and at first didn’t get the recognition that “I Was A Fool” got, but this song resonates with me more than any of their others- the lyrics “I do not go quietly // Into the night that calls me” are truly empowering for anyone trying to find their way in the world.

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