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Do you ever wish that you could make the most out of your day? Those days where you have absolutely nothing to do? Want to have a nice, relaxing, possibly life changing day? Today, I will be giving you a rundown of how to have a perfect day.

Step 1: Spend 45 minutes on your skincare. Really take time letting that moisturizer soak in. Maybe add a serum or two if we are feeling fancy. Every time I do not rush my skincare and makeup, I end up feeling like my face feels more fresh.

Step 2: Go on a walk and journal. Really self reflect on why you are in the middle of nowhere in Ohio. Do I journal in the morning? No, and I don’t think I ever have, but the tiktok girlies are saying it is life changing, so… 

Step 3: Go get a nice brunch. Either you can use your Denison money at station or river road or you can go to Curtis for a nice luxurious experience. (and only a meal swipe!) My personal favorite at Curtis is the seasoned potatoes and a cup of yogurt with some granola sprinkled on top. You can really make the most of the one meal swipe. Just pretend you are at a hotel with the complimentary breakfast and it will feel more exciting than it actually is.

Step 4: Go grab some coffee. Walk into Granville and get some seasonal pumpkin coffee. During your walk, you can look at the beautiful fall leaves and Granville dogs. 

Step 5: Read a book/watch a TV show. This is your chance to relax from the hectic week. Immerse yourself in a show or book even if it is just for a little while.

Step 6: Hang out with friends. If none of your friends are free, go watch people; it’s entertaining. Best places for people to watch: Slayter pit, Slayter 4th floor, library atrium, and outside the Slayter flagpole. *I will say, though, that people watching is best on weekdays.*

Step 7: Wander around campus until you run into people. It isn’t that difficult to run into everyone and their mothers on this campus. 

Step 8: Go to slivvys and enjoy some pretzel bites. No other place will compare. 

Step 9: Don’t want to go to slivvy’s? Go to the nest and eat up some mac and cheese or nachos or both. That’s what the meal exchange is for! If you are a first year student and don’t have a meal exchange swipe… I am sorry. Maybe a generous upperclassmen will provide you with a swipe.

Step 10: Go to bed but in a bougie way. Get that face mask, book, essential oil, pillow spray, earplugs, the whole shabang. Take a nice relaxing shower beforehand and you are set to have the best sleep of your life. 

I hope these steps were helpful and insightful. It is nice to have a calm, relaxing day every once in a while on the hill.

Audrey Dersu

Denison '26

Sophomore at Denison University studying Cinema. Loves going on walks and listening to music