Find Your Positivity

The other night one of my best friends texted me and asked about how my day was and I responded: 


“eh not great.”


After I sent that message, I began to think, why the heck did I just say that? I remember being slightly annoyed at that moment for a few different reasons, but it wasn’t anything that should ruin my entire day. My day wasn’t extraordinary, but it wasn’t horrific. I regretted saying that it was “not great” when I only felt that way at a single moment in time.


I’m usually a pretty positive person and don’t let little things get to me very easily. I pride myself in not being affected by slight inconveniences. It was so uncharacteristic of me to deem my entire day as a bust because I might’ve had a few more assignments to do than usual.

Person Sitting in Front of the Laptop Computer

Other than being annoyed with myself for inaccurately categorizing my day, I was annoyed that I made my friend feel concerned. I never want to knowingly make other people feel any kind of negative emotions, I think most people can agree with that. Not only did I throw my own little pity party, but I put my negativity onto my friend for her to deal with as well. I regretted that instantly when I could tell that she was concerned if I was doing alright, probably curious because it was an out-of-character response.


This was one small instance, but I wish that I hadn’t let that negativity into my life for even a second. So I’m going to alter the whole “speak it into existence” technique and adopt the “write it into existence” version. I will continue to find the bright spots of every day, even if it was particularly stressful or troubling. Finding the silver lining will improve your overall mood, making you more optimistic and pleasant to be around. 

I think that everyone can think of a time when someone has been bothered about one thing and let it affect their whole day by not talking and becoming disengaged. It’s no fun to be around those kinds of people when they’re in that mood and I have always tried to avoid that. I don’t want something to have that much power over me that it can affect my normally happy demeanor.


Find your own positivity and spread it to others. You’ll reap the rewards of an uplifted mood and will see welcomed changes to daily life. I’m a firm believer in choosing optimism to deal with any unexpected events and focusing on the positives.