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Embracing Change, and Having Comfort in the Unknown

The phrases “pick one,” “choose one,” “this one,” or “that one,” have always bothered me. Growing up, this always meant decision making was not my cup of tea. Not because I'm indecisive or don’t care enough to choose, but because each opportunity ever presented meant there are possibilities that I'm deciding against and that could be further explored. This is why changing schools seven times or moving around never bothered me. Moving always gave me the chance to explore different atmospheres and learn what's outside one school or city. The chance to explore something new and something out of my comfort zone excited me so much that I quickly learned to embrace change and to never fear it.  

Born in Tucson, raised in Granville, Monroe, Toledo, and finishing off my adolescent years in Columbus created many diverse situations. The biggest change for me was during November of my 8th grade year while living in Michigan. After my mom and I lost our house, my mom tried to help me stay at the same school since I had just started there. We stayed at a family friend's house while my mom worked fourteen-hour days trying to save enough money to get us back on our feet. Soon after the start of winter break, my mom and I decided that this was a lot to handle, especially with my mother’s medical issues. We made the decision to move to Toledo to live with with my mom's parents, even though this meant changing schools mid-year.

Although I lived in Toledo for a short period of time, I believe this semester is where I learned a lot about myself. This was the first time in a long time that I didn't participate in a sport, club, or in an outside school activity. The school didn't have very many options, and the longer the semester went on, the more I grew numb to the same old routine. I was stuck in the loneliness of being the new kid.

Fortunately, this feeling didn't last long. My mom and dad decided it was best if I moved to Columbus with my dad and complete four years of high school at Westerville South. Hesitant to leave my mom behind, yet excited for the new possibilities, I moved to Columbus the week before my freshman year. Seeing the opportunities that South had to offer, I was incredibly eager to get involved and ready to not be an outsider. I quickly jumped into as many clubs as I could, for I wanted to explore things that I normally wouldn’t imagine myself doing. This was wonderful as it opened me up to so many different kinds of people and varied ways of thinking.

Every time people discover all of the places that I have lived they ask me, “Do you ever want to go back?” or “Choose your favorite.” I have always struggled to answer these questions because I believe each place I have lived taught me something new about myself. I wouldn’t trade any of the experiences I've had for any others because these built me into the person I am today.

Hello! My name is Avantaea Siefke and I am from Columbus Ohio. I love to laugh, travel, and meet new people. I am obsessed with Spotify and learning about peoples taste in music. Oh and I freaking love chickens! That is all for this bio, Thank you!
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