A Cappella at Denison

Growing up, I have always loved to sing. I was a theatre kid all throughout middle and high school, mainly because that was the only outlet through which I could sing. When I first came to Denison, I immediately saw that there was something unique about the school: the a cappella organizations. Yes, every college has a cappella groups, but I felt that the groups on Denison’s campus felt a lot more personal and inviting due to the small population of the school. I knew that I had to audition. 

A short couple of weeks later, I was in DUwop A Cappella (a co-ed group on campus). I had never sang with any a cappella group before, but this turned out to be no big deal. The upperclassmen in the group were so incredibly kind and welcoming to me, and genuinely wanted to help me learn the songs in their set list. I was swept into a world of holiday concerts, a cappella formals and parties, and pop up performances that surprised people on campus. It was (and still is) a blast. I remember being so surprised at how fast I adapted to the group, how enthusiastic and cool the people around me were, and most of all how much Denison students genuinely loved the a cappella groups. 

What I love the most about Denison is how much the students care about what they are involved in and what their friends are involved in. I was not expecting students who are not involved in a cappella to still be so supportive of the groups, and to be genuinely excited to come to our concerts. Going to a Valentine’s Day themed concert in the Bandersnatch is just as popular to some students as going to a Friday night football game. At every concert, no matter what group was performing, the crowd is always so lively and responsive. It makes performing that much more fun. 

What the a cappella groups on campus have showed me is how important it is to have musical groups on college campuses. Whether it is a cappella or not, there are countless musically inclined students who use their voice or instrument as a therapeutic outlet. These groups are just as important for students who do not sing or play an instrument, too, because music is one of the biggest ways to bring a community together. Music in general has the ability to open so many doors and provide a welcoming environment to all, and that is just what Denison’s a cappella organizations are able to do.