Being Gluten Free at Denison University

Ever since I was a little kid, I hated cake. On my birthday every year, I preferred a bowl of ice cream over a slice a cake and my father was the same way. Cake and cupcakes had made both of us sick for as long as I could remember, but we never knew why.

            About four years ago I stopped eating bread, and eventually cut out all baked goods. Finally, I quit eating anything containing flour. Within a month, I noticed I had more energy and my chronic stomach aches magically disappeared. Although, I’ve never officially been tested for an allergy, I became gluten free and started feeling better. It remains a mystery as to whether gluten is the culprit or if it is something different, like wheat that I can easily avoid with a gluten free diet.


            I knew going to college and searching for food I can eat was going to be a struggle, but Denison has greatly helped in the process. Occasionally, I find a server who doesn’t know if a food contains gluten, and sometimes there are days where the gluten free option at Curtis is a measly carrot, but overall Denison does a good job labeling their food and providing gluten free alternatives. I am forever grateful for Denison accommodating my needs, because so many other schools don’t have the options we do here at Denison.