5 Motivational Quotes for the Procrastinator

Finals are quickly approaching and procrastination is slowly beginning to sink in. Everyone has their own way of procrastinating, whether that be watching YouTube videos for hours, binge watching a Netflix show, or even taking a countless number of naps to pass the time. For me, I enjoy scrolling through my Pinterest feed and reading motivational quotes...I know, a bit ironic isn’t it?

In the spirit of finals, I figured I could share some of these amazing quotes with you all...and you can continue to procrastinate as you read them ;)


  1. Beauty-

Don’t let yourself be so easily broken. When times get hard, keep pushing through. I promise that you’ll find the light at the end of the tunnel.


    2. Giving-

      Be so incredibly happy that no matter who hurts you, you still have more to give.

    3. Emma Watson-

         This lady sure knows how to make a girl feel empowered.


    4. Sadness-

        Sometimes we just need to hear that we’re going to make it.

5. Life-

   Take each moment as it comes and embrace the life you are living.


I hope that reading these quotes fill your heart with joy and motivation. Sometimes all a girl needs a Pinterest quote and a cup of warm hot chocolate as she snuggles up under her covers in some comfy PJ’s. Sounds like a productive day to me.

Hey, maybe you can even start working on that paper that’s due tomorrow…

Yeah, me neither ;)