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15 Things You Know to Be True If You’re in Love

For many of us, all we want is to find someone to grow old with and love.* However, the dating scene for young women can often times be hard to navigate and understand. With new (and old) phrases like “ghosting,” “bread crumbing,” and “haunting” permeating daily life, it becomes hard to push through all the bad ones to find the person meant for you. For those of us lucky enough to find it, here is a list of 15 things you know are true if you’ve found true love.


1. He makes you smile!

No matter what mood you’re in, he will always know how to make you smile. Whether it’s telling your favorite joke or making that silly face, he always knows how to make you smile.



2. You genuinely want to know how his day went.

Whether it’s work, school, or friends, you always want to know what’s going on in his life.



3. You want to do everything together!

Whether it’s grocery shopping or cooking, you want to spend every minute of every day with him.


4. You miss him when he’s not by you.

Times with him are great, but when he’s not there you miss him and wish he could be there with you.



5. He picks you up when you’re down.

It might be buying you ice cream, making you laugh, or watching a chick flick, but he always knows how to make you happier.



6. He puts you on a pedestal when you succeed.

When you have a success, he wants to show off your success to everyone he knows and lets you know how proud he is.



7. You want to show him off to everyone you know.

You want all your friends to know who he is and you’re proud to call him your partner.



8. You can be your weird, crazy self!

You can be who you are without any form of judgment…because he’s just as crazy!



9. You can work through problems like an adult.

Problems do not end your relationship, but rather make you stronger because the two of you talk through everything.



10. Seeing him gives you butterflies in your stomach.

Whenever he walks into the same room, you can’t help but let the butterflies fly around in your stomach.



11. He puts effort into special dates.

He makes special dates for the two of you, and puts a lot of effort into them.



12. But a casual date at home is just as good!

But staying at home on the couch is just as perfect as a fancy dinner for two.



13. He can always tell how you’re feeling.

Just by looking at you, he immediately knows how you feel.



14. The two of you keep your promises to each other.

Promises are unbreakable between the two of you. If you promise something, you keep your promise.



15. Your love is unconditional.

No matter what happens, you will love him until the end of time.



*This list uses a heterosexual relationship, although all of these can be applied to any relationship because love is love.*


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