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Being a student away from home puts a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders, in terms of health, work, sleep, personal finances, and most importantly, food, because it somehow seems to determine all of the above-mentioned factors. This is why we have come up with some lip-smacking snack options for you to try out and fill your stomach during those unwelcome hunger pangs. 

A word of caution though; these recipes come from experience and conversations and thus, may not work for everyone. Some people may prefer to play around with these recipes until they find something that works for them. Another point to be noted is allergens; many recipes mentioned below have common allergens in them, such as peanuts or dairy. Please avoid consuming such foodstuffs as they can lead to medical issues. It can also be a good idea to confirm with your doctor if you suspect that you might be allergic to some food article before consuming it.

Yogurt Bowls

Greek yogurt bowls can be a lifesaver when it comes to treating those hunger pangs. They aren’t calorie intensive (be sure to go for the non-flavoured ones) but are super filling and taste amazingly well with some granola in them. They are also high in protein and work wonders for maintaining focus during late-night study sessions. Similarly, muesli bars are also great as an alternative to yogurt and granola or as an addition to yogurt.

Scrambled Eggs in A Microwave

Who doesn’t like eggs in the morning as a quick fix? But then, pulling out your pan and butter can be too much of a hassle in the morning. In such a situation, why not use our handy-dandy microwave? Just crack some eggs open, pepper them up, and put them in for a couple of minutes. That’s it! You got yourself a nutritious breakfast on the go. Feel free to load it up with some cheese and veggies, according to your preference too.

Overnight Oats

Another really quick fix during the morning is a glass of overnight oats. Just soak some oats in a glass with milk, pop in some chia seeds, berries, and nuts, and store it in the fridge for the night. You can even add a drizzle of honey or agave nectar as a healthy sweetener and you are good to go!

Bread and Spreads

Who doesn’t like the classic combination of bread and cheese? Just toast some bread in a toaster, spread some pre-shredded cheese, and toss in the microwave for a minute and thirty (you could also use a cheese spread if you’re running short on time), and there you go! A great snack or meal to complement your day is ready!!! If cheese is not your thing, then you can always switch to peanut butter and jam or hummus or the ever favourite, Nutella.

Rice Cakes

Rice cakes are another light and healthy snack which are quite portable as well (not to mention, a great alternative if you’re tired of bread too). Just get some cheese or peanut butter and jam, spread them on it and you’re good to go!

Trail Mix

That little hunger gurgling in between your lectures calls for a tiny snack that can be easily managed by a trail mix. Just take a bag and fill it up with some nuts, and berries and snack on them when you feel your hunger rising.

Fruits and Vegetables

Okay, I know that this sounds pretty obvious but hear me out. Fruit doesn’t always have to be in terms of biting into an apple or gulping in orange slices because, as delicious as that can be, we all know how it can get boring at times. So, here’s an alternative: keep some fruit juice, orange, or pomegranate, for when you should really not have that next cup of joe. And what’s more refreshing than a glass of cold pomegranate juice during the Delhi heat? For veggies, a few carrot or cucumber sticks with some hummus or cheese (anyone spots the cheese fanatic yet?) make a delicious evening snack that’s quite nutritious too!

So, these are some ideas for snacking and keeping oneself full throughout the week while making sure that you load up on all that nutrition too. As hectic as work can get quite sometimes, remember to take care of your body, fuel it well, nourish it beautifully and, always be kind towards yourself and the vessel which keeps you going throughout all those morning classes and night study sessions!

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