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Why Being a Morning Person is the Best. Thing. Ever.

As a college student, I absolutely understand why people give me the same shocked look when I tell them that I wake up at 6:30 a.m. most days of the week to run before class. “But why?”, “Why would you do that to yourself?”, “How doy you have the time?”. Well, I’ll give you 5 reasons why being a morning person is the best thing ever. 

1. I have plenty of time to work out and get ready for the day ahead.

Because I wake up at 6:30 a.m. and my first class isn’t until 10:10 a.m., I have so much time to wake up, stretch, get in a forty-minute run, do a strength circuit, shower, eat breakfast and go to class. I even have enough time to squeeze in a two-minute meditation halfway through my run and do some work before class. There is no rush for me to get ready because I have so much time. I use that forty-minute run to think about my day ahead, plan out what I have to do and make some goals for myself. It’s a solid and intentional way to start my day.

2. My mind is much sharper earlier in the day, especially after a workout.

I find it much easier to do my work in the morning, which makes it easier to focus in class. When I have time to do some homework before class, I find that I am able to better organize myself and not get too stressed even when it seems like I have a mountain of work to get done. I simply sit down, get out my agenda, and take on things one at a time.

3. My day seems longer.

If I wake up, work out, eat breakfast and start homework by 10:00 a.m. on a Sunday, I have the entire day to get things done. This limits stress, overthinking and gives me more time to take breaks, where I can watch Netflix, read or sleep. In addition, getting work done earlier gives me the opportunity to wind down at an earlier time before bed. 

4. The world is quiet.

There is no one in my dorm, driving on the roads or walking on the sidewalks. I am particularly grateful for that last part because it means that I have more space to run. When I am home after I have gotten back from a run, I stretch and meditate on my deck and listen to the birds and the wind, because there were no other noises to distract me.

5. I have plenty of time for some evening self-care!

Because I finish my homework around 7 pm, I have time to take a shower, do a face mask, drink some tea, eat some dark chocolate and watch some Netflix! This is my favorite way to spend an evening because it is the perfect day to unwind and relax after a long day.

I hope that this article has given you a new perspective as to the glory that is waking up early! I know it seems completely crazy to wake up as early as I do, but if you ease into it, your morning routine and the entire day could be even more productive!


Haley Carr

Delaware '22

Haley is a junior at the University of Delaware majoring in International Relations with a concentration in Diplomacy and a specialization in Europe. She is minoring in Human Development/Family Sciences and Journalism. She hopes work with underprivileged or displaced children after serving in the Peace Corps upon graduation.
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