My Covid Vaccine Experience

There has been a lot of conversation going around about the Covid vaccine. It has sparked controversy between people of the legitimacy and safety it could provide. Covid is a huge risk in my working environment and I felt lucky to be the youngest person on our staff to be vaccinated, but also nervous with all the controversy surrounding the vaccine online. From my work staff getting it before me, I was able to see how it affected them and how it built my confidence when it was my turn to get the shot! Here are some things I experienced when getting the shot, but please be advised that everyone is different and my experiences will not always reflect the same as someone else's was with the Covid vaccine. 

  1. It was really hard to find a place to do my first shot, even being considered the first group to be vaccinated. Lots of hospitals were running out of supply for the high demand so it actually took me a few months to get a first dose of the Covid vaccine. Once I did, it was much easier to schedule a follow up appointment for my booster shot with the same hospital I got my first vaccine. 

  2. Good news for those scared of needles! The needle for this was much smaller than I anticipated. While this not only made this a less painful procedure but the whole process was very quick, besides waiting 15 minutes afterwards to make sure there are no reactions to the vaccine. 

  3. You can sign up for daily health checks via SMS. Through the CDC you can receive daily health screening to make sure you are feeling well, advice on what to do and they will even reach out to you based on your responses if they need further information. 

After my vaccine appointment I did not feel any different besides a sore spot on my arm that was normal with any other shot and I didn’t become ill with any kind of sickness. Now the gossip is more people feel symptoms with the second shot. My coworkers who have had the second shot were only sick for a day and then back to their normal routines. I will just have to update you all on how mine goes next time!

Covid Vaccine card Original photo by Kaitlyn Evans