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We have all heard the rumors about being down for the count the day after your second COVID vaccine, and if you’re anything like me, a college student who drinks about a sip of water a day, then you should definitely prepare.

#1: Drink a lot of water! If you think you have had enough, keep drinking! You should stay hydrated before getting the shot and the day after.

#2: Eat before! Going on an empty stomach can make you dizzy and or queasy.

#3: Take some ibuprofen! Take one, two, or a few hours after to lessen the symptoms. If you’re hesitant, talk to a healthcare professional.

#4: Don’t drink alcohol the night before! Your symptoms might be worse if you’re hungover and dehydrated.

#5: Get a good night’s rest before! Try getting a good night sleep before the vaccine as it will help boost your immune system.

#6: Be prepared to be sick! It’s better safe than sorry, so be ready to possibly call off work and or school.

samantha Haltom

Delaware '23

Samantha Haltom is a criminal justice major at the university of Delaware and keeps up with politics.
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