Burnt Bridge

Tired of holding my feelings inside

Having to swallow my own pride

My head is full with your lies

You had the nerve to cry

I slam the door and you scream obscenities to me

I want you to feel the pain you caused

Draining my energy, it was worth it all

Every last chance I gave you took

Stole my brightness like a crook

This loneliness is making me drown

Screaming for help but no one’s around

Without you I don’t know how to be me

It used to be just you and me, now we’re no longer one in the same

I wish I knew how to live again free from the pain

These rain drops on this window are the tears I hold inside

I can’t stand to allow you to see me cry

I don’t know how to help myself, whenever I think of you, I upset myself

I thought I released myself from a cage only to send myself into a bizarre maze

Lost not able to find my way I wish I could erase my pain

Rewinding time to never adhere the lies from your mouth that I would one day hear

Begging you to tell me the truth you stood there and acted like you didn’t have a clue

“I don’t understand the words you are saying” you were disappointed in yourself for getting caught in the game you were playing

One too many lies one too many times, I cannot forgive the fact that you crossed the line

Finally speaking the thoughts that have haunted me

Your friends surrounding me showing your truths

I handed you the sword that you dared to use

You were supposed to be my safe haven, solace, and truth

Instead, you are the fire that burns from within scolding me for the fact that I trusted my own “best friend”

You don’t feel the pain I feel

Betrayed me with my own secrets, speaking words in which should have never been said

Made everyone turn their heads, I lay down at night crying in bed

Is that the only way you knew how to hate me?

I’ll never understand the reason you betrayed me

Filled with fury I was caused to come out of my character in a hurry

Oh, how I wanted to hurt you so bad

I’ll never allow anyone to make me that mad again

Screaming with rage at the top of my lungs leaving a scene to be left undone

I can’t erase it although I wish I could I lost my mind - became unhinged having to still live with you on our burned bridge

I secretly hope you fall through

Although I’m too good of a person to wish death on you

I wish I would have been able to disarm the lies you would tell, the spell you casted

All for what? To have our friendship retracted?

If that was your goal, then you win

I hope you faces the consequences I’m feeling within - blaming myself for letting you in

“Look for yourself you’ll find healing within” how am I supposed to find myself when I just lost my best friend?

Yes, I agree I got rid of you all by myself, but I could no longer endure the pain that I felt

The fake - ness, lies, and rumors fled like birds in the night not knowing where to head

The thing about information is it always gets back to the person that sent for it your karma will lure inside your body until nothing’s left not a single “somebody” to witness your demise

I hope guilt fills you, you’ll never be able to be a good friend

You were never qualified from the beginning but that’s my fault for wishing on a pretty penny

That’d you be able to be the one

You knew my secrets and spread them thick

Like wildfire inside my heart breaking from within

You knew the easiest way to make me break sad to say but I had to walk away

Never again to return the bridge has been burnt to a crisp

You’ll be nothing but a name that used to come off my lips

Mouth filled with lies how dare you hide your face behind those cries making me seem like the bad guy

I wish your existence was null and void all I want is your voice to leave my mind filling my thoughts to the line bursting at the seams shouting out a cry

Help me to see why, oh why

What was the point of your devious words is that really how you wanted to be heard?

I didn’t know how I wanted this to end now I feel uncomfortable laying in my own bed

I said to you I was done I don’t want anything to do with you the care I give is zero and unusable

My reaction to you made you feel that you have won

You may have gotten what you wanted but your change up won’t be forgotten

You did a 180 I kept going in the hopes you’d return to the person I held near to my heart

My words are flowing but my feelings I can’t be showing

Your closet full of skeletons but people I would not let in guess that’s what I get for being an actual friend but that has come to an end 

Your secrets I will never tell but this pain I revolt 

You seemed like a chamber to bury my secrets in but not every frog turns into a prince 

Your stories will unfold you’ll have to face the truth you never told and that it is when your facade will fold our friendship is what you sold all at a price for which I’ll never know and for that is why my heart is turning cold 

Countless times I let go of your treacherous ways starting from move in day 

My roommate my friend it was supposed to last forever but now the only thing we are is living together