The Altar Boy

You used to let me drive your car

Our relationship didn’t go very far

The music on your radio is played by a harp

You made my days oh so dark

I miss your dog that didn’t bark 

Your heroism was no Clark Kent … I tried to save you but you wanted me to be saved by Christ - he’s the one I crave now

Don’t worry I’m brave now 

I know you’ll probably say “wow” and your friends will wonder how 

They shut me out afraid I’d hurt you - yet I was the one that needed protection - your whole friend group needs some reflection

Your personality will fail God’s inspection and he’ll make no exceptions

You might attend church every Sunday but you don’t practice what they preach

Your betrayal was like no other

We spent too much time with each other

I barely saw my friends, never saw my family, but all that mattered to you was that you had me to show off as a trophy

Do you wish you’d never known me?

I wish I could take meeting you back

But leaving you was the best idea I’ve ever had

I may have lost you but I found myself and it’s for the best

I attended every game regardless of the losses your team never won - neither will you

My friends wanted to cast a spell so that way I would’ve never fell - for you and then into your trap

Yes I admit our thing is in the past and now you’re afraid I’ll expose you for what you are -

A fake good boy who has a life full of sins & secrets

I gave you my heart but I’m so glad I didn’t let you keep it