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It goes without saying that exercising is great for both your mental and physical health. However, it can also enhance your sex life as they can be tailored to what type of sex you enjoy and whether you are a top, bottom, or switch.


Angie Coleman, a wellness coach based in Oakland, hosts a weekly series called “Sex Positive Workouts with Wellness Coach Angie”. The programme works with the dating app HER, offering classes for tops, bottoms, and switches for free. 


Before jumping right into the workouts, you should know the difference between a top and a bottom to know why the workouts are different. Angie tells Cosmopolitan that “a top is someone who takes a bit more control and is in charge… they set the pace and make the first move.” Meanwhile, bottoms act more like a receiver, and of course, a switch is someone who enjoys doing both.


Workout Plans for Tops

Key muscle groups to target: hamstrings, glutes, quads, shoulders, and chest

Exercises included: squat jumps, hip thrusts, burpees, and push-ups

  • 14 chameleons

  • 30 glute bridges

  • 45-second jump squats

  • 12 plank to pike push-up

  • 16 sumo squats

  • 45-second oblique twists

  • 10 crab walks in and out

  • 20 plank with forward reach

  • 45-second burpees

Repeat each set 3 times for a total workout of 45 – 50 minutes

This workout targets your entire body while focussing on certain power areas for the best possible topping.

Coleman explains to Cosmopolitan that it is important for tops to engage glute strength as both thrusting and holding requires you to “have really good glute strength to move those hips and stabilize.”


Workout Plans for Bottoms

Key muscle groups to target: core, hips, quads, and shoulders

Exercises included: planks, leg lifts, squat pulses and circular leg pulses

  • 15 YTLs

  • 60 seconds forearm plank

  • 45 seconds of squat pulses

  • 12 lateral traveling push-ups

  • 20 standing lunges (10 per side)

  • 45 seconds of  plank side hops

  • 14 supermans

  • 16 RDL to squat

  • 45 seconds plank shoulder taps

Repeat each set 3 times for a total workout of 45 – 50 minutes

This workout focuses on your total-body endurance and stabilizing strength.

“For bottoms, I tend to focus on building up endurance since they may find themselves holding positions or needing to stabilize a position,” says Coleman.


Workout Plan for Switches

Key muscle groups to target: quads, glutes, chest, and shoulders

Exercises included: high knees, push-backs, and curtsy lunges

  • 20 single-leg kneeling squat
  • 10 side plank to front and back

  • 45 seconds in and out squats

  • 16 curtsy Lunges

  • 12 push-backs

  • 45s leg flutters

  • 14 back extensions

  • 20 hydrants to kick out

  • 45 seconds high knees

Repeat each set 3 times for a total workout of 45-50 minutes

This workout also focuses on total body strength and endurance to allow you to confidently and seamlessly transition from top to bottom.

According to Coleman, a switch workout needs to target everything. She says, “You’ll want to make sure you have a strong lower body that can help you move, but also a strong upper body for any types of movements with presses and stabilization as well.” 


Now that your new workout plan is decided, you can join Coleman for a virtual class through her Instagram (@angieidunno) to make the most out of your exercises!

Journalism student and editor of Her Campus for DCU.
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