Ways to Stay Fit During Second Semester

As the saying goes “your health is your wealth” both physically and mentally. 


We are almost half way through semester two, stress is starting to kick in for a lot of students. We all know how difficult it is to make time for lectures, assignments, work and to stay fit.  


Exercise is a great way to clear your head and to relive some of the stress. There are plenty of ways to keep yourself fit if you have a busy lifestyle.  


The hard part is finding the balance, you don’t want to let your college work slack and you don’t want to be in the gym for hours after a long day.  


A great way to find balance is to set yourself a time table, why not go to the gym before college if you have the morning off? Book yourself into a class to motivate yourself to go or get your friends to join you.  


Taking time out for yourself is very important! If you have do a sport make sure to fit time for training into your schedule. 


Taking an hour or two out of the day to be in the fresh air and away from the laptop will do you wonders.  


Not everyone enjoys the gym or working out, if you are one of these people why not challenge yourself to get some exercise in. 


Although you might not think it, you will feel so much better after.  


It doesn’t always need to be intense and difficult, walk to  college instead of hopping on the bus for less than five minutes . 


Yoga is a brilliant way to stay fit and clear your head. Most gyms hold yoga classes throughout the week , if yours doesn’t why not check out a local studio and try out a class.  


Although the weekend normally revolves around work catching up with friends and resting from the week. If you have a bit of time off why not get a gym session in before meeting friends or chilling out for the night.  


Food is one of the key factors to getting fit. It is so easy to get fast food especially in college when your parents aren’t around to make your dinner.  


Planning and preparing your meals for the week is a really good way to stay fit and to save money. 


If you find that you don’t have the time to prepare your food or you aren’t the best cook , why not try one of the prepped food companies.  


This can be expensive on a student budget but it is defiantly work looking into. They are great for getting ideas on meals to prep yourself.  


There are lots of fitness apps out there, “My FitnessPal” is a fitness app that keeps a food diary and gives you’re an estimate of your daily calorie allowance depending on how active you are.