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With the Christmas break being longer than necessary, it’s hard to get back into the hustle and bustle of college life. One minute you’re relaxing and binge-watching Netflix, then the next you’ve got lectures to attend, books to read and assignments to write. It can beKeep  overwhelming to be thrown back into it, but these tips will help you stay calm. 


Clean your room 

Sounds like your mother, but having a tidy and organised room will do wonders for your motivation. Clear your desk, organise your books and stationary. your study space neat and get rid of any unnecessary clutter. After all; tidy room, tidy mind. 


Get organised 

By now you should have all your college supplies, so sit down and write a list of what you need to do for each module. Highlight key dates, readings and tips from the lecturer. Try not to get overwhelmed, it may look like a lot of work but you will manage it. There are websites that help you create your own study plans for free. You don’t have to stick to them religiously, but having these lists will help you stay focused and remember the things you need to do. 


Keep on top of things 

This one is easier said than done, but it is vital if you want to stay calm this semester. Use a planner or a diary if that’s something you can do. It’s ok to skip a day of studying to hang out with friends, but only in moderation. Everyone falls behind now and again. However, you should avoid an extreme back-log of work.  


Remember to have fun 

The last point is important, but so is kicking back and having fun. Don’t deprive yourself of a social life. Go on nights out with your friends, go to the cinema, do whatever you love doing that doesn’t involve college work. A balance between the two will help keep you sane. 


Eat healthy and exercise 

A well-balanced diet will ensure you are energized and performing at your best. It’s easy to fall back into the routine of takeaways and high-sugar snacks. Instead, use these as a treat every so often to reward yourself for getting college work done. You don’t have to turn into a gym-head, but exercising actually relieves stress and you’ll develop a more positive mind-set.  


Don’t be afraid to ask for help 

Your college friends are in the same boat, whether they seem so or not. Have a cup of tea and a chat about how stressed you are and they’ll be there to reassure you. If you’re really struggling, the Student Support Centre in your college is a great place to go to get assistance and advice. 


It might seem difficult right now, but you will get back into the rhythm of it. Let this semester be the one you follow through on all the promises you made to yourself. You’ll be calm and collected and actually enjoy it. 

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

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