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My Future Career Plan: Another “Crossroads” in My Life

Writer: Biao Su (Bradley) 


Four years ago, on a university campus in China, I once faced the first “crossroads” in my life. At that time, I couldn’t adapt to the university life that I had just started and was in confusion. Then I chose Ireland in a short time as the next step in my career.


Now, as I am about to finish my undergraduate course and graduate from DCU, my career has once again come to a “crossroads”. As far as I am concerned, I need to make a better career plan.


Different from the last career plan, this time I want to give myself more time to choose the university where I want to take the graduate course because I think the current situation is full of uncertainty and better preparation is necessary for future career planning.


My first step is to spend about a year taking internships after completing all the academic tasks of my undergraduate course. I have talked with some friends who have taken their master courses and many of them believe that their work experiences before taking the courses can help them find their problems and learn more specific content when taking master courses. Apart from this, I think having a good work or internship experience is very helpful for applying for master courses.


Applying for master courses at several different universities will be conducted at the same time as the internship. It is almost certain that I will still apply for media-related courses for my master degree, but the country and course of my next stop should be different. Personally, there are indeed many factors to consider when applying for my master courses, such as employment prospects, university rankings and living conditions.


Taking the above factors into consideration, the countries I want to study and work in the future will be the UK or the Netherlands. I think these two countries have universities with high academic standards in media and the media market in the two countries is relatively large.

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