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Must-have Decor for College Accommodation

Our college accommodation can be a daunting experience for the lives of many college students, with toilets that don’t flush, wallpaper that was fashionable in the 70’s and the fact that no one in the house can change a light bulb. It’s important that we make it feel like home when we’re away. Having a well decorated room helps a person feel more comfortable which in turn will improve a person’s mood and performance.


Fairy Lights

A must have item that most likely featured in the room of all female college students is fairy lights. They can make any room go from a three to an eight very quickly. They’re also perfect for holding photographs using pegs.


Wall planners and Whiteboards

A helpful thing to have is a small whiteboard. It can hang on the wall or sit on your desk. They’re helpful planners for people who don’t have diaries but also more efficient because everything can be rubbed off to start fresh which is also more environmentally friendly.


Wall Hangings and Tapestry

Wall hangings are a great way of covering a section of the wall that you may not want to show your friends. They are usually very bright and colourful which brightens up any dark spaces. They can be bought for very little on Etsy and Wish for as little as five euro and the most common style is the Indian mandala.



Any messy bed can be fixed by the presence of cushions. Penney’s homeware section is probably the best option for affordable cushions and decorative items such as small plants, throws and of course, Harry Potter themed bed linen.


Cork Boards

If you are the type of person who owns a lot of jewellery which gets tangled together, then a cork board is for you. Cork boards are jewellery boards make from a wooden board and pins to hang the jewellery from to separate each item. It’s an easy and quick solution for a very annoying problem.



Washi Tape

Washi Tape is decorative Japanese tape that can be used not only to hang light pictures and posters but to jazz up bookshelves and doors. Washi tape doesn’t leave a mark or any other residue which means your deposit will not be harmed.



Lamp Shades

If you have an old lamp shade that you don’t mind experimenting on then a way to make them more interesting is by poking holes in it and creating patterns. When turned on, the patterns will flow around the room. Make sure you don’t experiment on the lamp which was already in the room or thats your deposit gone.


Customised bookshelves

If you’re the creative type then you know that anything can be made into shelves such as a small step ladder. Just replace the steps with wooden shelves, add some paint to the rest and your ready to stack your photo frames, books and candles.




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