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Making Yourself Stand Out in an Online Working Environment

The future, it’s a scary thought, especially when you’re a college student on the verge of taking that next step after college.  


The next step, what is that? If you’re a young person ready to enter the professional world, ideally the next step would be in the form of an internship or a job ( props to you if you do manage to begin your career in this climate)  


We’ve all encountered those questions: What”s the plan after you graduate? What do you want to do?  


Those questions however never seem to center on advice, and what to do if you are successful in receiving an internship or job. 


Radu Anastase, a former intern of Kerry Group said: “I suppose one of the things you can do to stand out is to be open-minded and be ready to learn anything” 


“If someone’s explaining to you something and you already know it, learn it again” 


“Then, when the time comes for you to show what you’ve learned, you’ll be twice prepared for it, and you’ll deliver,” said Anastase 


Due to COVID-19 regulations and social distancing guidelines, remote learning and working has become a part of society.  


This new social norm may create a harder environment to stand out in a new work environment, but never question your ability.  


“Working from home makes it hard to stand out, but the main thing is to be flexible,” said Anastase  


“If you can take on extra tasks and challenges along with your daily agenda, and you can keep up, then people are going to notice.” 


However, the point of receiving a job or internship is not solely about standing and being noticed, do “t exhaust yourself with unnecessary expectations.  


“But if you take things on and then you fail to deliver both your daily tasks and the extra work, people are going to notice that too,” said Anastase.  


Taking interest in your job and actively learning from challenges you encounter, will help you grow in any work environment, be it online or not. 


“Showing interest is the key virtue employers will be looking for especially out of college when your skillset is nascent but you’re capable of learning,”  said Anastase. 


“If you show interest, whether you’re actually interested or not, it’s going to start becoming a reality for you, kinda like “fake it till you make it”  


“All the time, you should ask how you could improve your work, or ask if they”d like to give any feedback,” said Anastase.

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