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At the moment, we’re all in self-isolation. It can be hard to wear anything that isn’t loungewear or pyjamas. While it’s great to be comfortable, it can affect your mood if you completely stop taking care of your appearance. 

Here are just a few ways you could take care of your appearance, to boost your mood.

Choosing dressier clothes, such as outfits you would wear to college, can make you feel more productive.

Try to think of comfortable clothes you would wear to college. For example, you might wear a pair of leggings and an oversized shirt. Something like this would be a mood booster as you can relax in it while also feeling a bit more dressed up. 

You can of course stick with loungewear, like joggers. Try to experiment with your wardrobe basics. A great way of doing this is to accessorize. 

It’s important to stick to a morning routine, which could involve having a shower, brushing your teeth and picking out an outfit that will make you feel both confident and comfortable. 

Doing this in the morning can give you a sense of satisfaction, similar to when you clean your room or finish an essay early.

Another way to dress up a loungewear outfit, or even fill up some spare time, is to learn new hairstyles. You could learn how to curl your hair or do upstyles.

Learning new skills like this could help you feel like you have been productive during the day. Luxy Hair is a great YouTube channel with a range of easy hair tutorials.

You could also start to use hair masks to add some shine and lustre. If you have none in your press already, homemade hair masks can be just as effective.

Ingredients such as coconut oil, honey, egg, sugar and even green tea can be used to make a variety of hair masks. 

Her Campus has a range of articles about DIY hair masks, such as this DIY Natural Hair Growth & Repair Mask .

As well as hair, you could expand on your makeup skills. According to Uncommon Chick, makeup can “make you look more polished, awake and feel more confident.” 

Makeup is a great tool we can use to accentuate pre-existing beauty or to transform ourselves completely, whichever helps you to feel more confident.  Again, you can find an abundance of YouTube videos to learn these skills. 

However, makeup isn’t for everyone. For other people, confidence can come from having naturally glowing skin. In order to achieve this, take this time to establish a skincare routine, including face masks. 

Try using products that you already own, rather than ordering them or going to the local chemist. Similar to hair masks, face masks can easily be made at home. 

These DIY Face Masks are super easy to make. This is a great guide on how to make each face mask, using ingredients you most likely have at home.

I tried out the mask aimed to smooth the skin, simply using milk, honey and lemon juice. My skin and mood felt great after!

All of these help boost your confidence and positivity, especially on days you’re feeling down. 

Isolation is a hard time, so it is important to try things that will make you feel happier and taking care of your appearance could be one of them.

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