DIY Natural Hair Growth & Repair Mask

Hey collegiettes! I’ve had tons of people asking me about what I’ve been doing to my hair recently as its been growing, silky and strong so I wanted to share my secret. I’ve been doing the egg protein growth and repair hair mask. The results have been truly amazing so here it is.

The Benefits: This mask promotes hair growth up to 1 inch due to the high amounts of proteins, vitamins and deep conditioning it provides. This is a perfectly natural and inexpensive hair mask for college students as it’s super simple to make. Although it does require a good amount of time leisure time to leave the product in, but can use that time for other self care or homework. For optimum results follow the  instructions below. You may use this mask up to once a week to boost those hair follicles, so ultimately up to four times a month.

Supplies: This is what you're going to need, which can be found at any local grocery store. The products are relatively cheap and affordable opposed to other processed masks. Totally worth it!

4 tbsp - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

2 Eggs

Coconut Oil

Plastic Wrap

Optional: Shower Cap, Regular or Deep Hair Conditioner  

The Steps:

Take the two eggs and 4 tablespoons of olive oil and mix them all together. Pour the contents into your hair and massage into scalp all the way down to the ends. (This can get a little messy so put down a towel, go in your shower, over a sink, or pretty much anywhere that can be washed down.)

Leave this in your hair for 1 hour. Wrap with the cerane wrap to lock in the mixture and prevent spillage onto your clothes. During this I typically watch an episode on Netflix,  do some homework, paint my toes or whatever other nonsense I can occupy myself with as you are forced to chill out.

After one hour rinse out with cold water. Use shampoo as you would regularly do in your shower routine, no conditioner yet!

After rinsing your hair out melt enough coconut oil in a bowl to cover your entire head. I have medium length hair and use about 2 tablespoons. Melt the two tablespoons into the bowl. I then sometimes add about two pumps of deep conditioner. This part is optional. I like to do this so the oil has something to cling onto or if my hair is feeling extra dry.

After mixing that I then would wrap my hair as before with the plastic wrap around my head. I have found that shower caps can help with keeping the plastic in place, but this is also optional.

Now you leave the hair mask on for 12 hours, but can be worn up to 24 hours for maximum results. I realize this is a lot of time so this mask can be done on weekends, breaks, holidays or any down time you can manage as this is a rejuvenating hair mask.

I do this mask in the early morning/late afternoon on a weekend. I leave it on until I wake up the next day and shower, rinsing out the coconut oil. This mask leaves my hair feeling strong and healthy with real hair growth results.

This mask has helped myself reach up to an inch of new hair growth after fully optimizing the hair mask routine. It may take a few days to see the results as everyone has different oils and hair types. For some the results can be seen a couple of hours after completion of the mask to a week later. It all depends so you just have to try for yourself!  To keep accurate results measure hair straight before and after. I don’t guarantee that this will work for everyone, but it has helped me make my hair healthier, shiny and improved hair growth. There’s no harm in trying.

Best of luck everyone!

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