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Irish Influencers: Behind the Filters

In today’s society the idea of what makes someone a celebrity is ever changing. Celebrity status is no longer linked to actors, musicians and reality TV stars. With a smartphone in one hand and a designer handbag in the other, the chances of reaching stardom through social media influencing are at an all time high. By posting unique and relatable content and engaging with your audience, people from all over the world have a chance at becoming an Internet celeb. 

While the idea of social media influencers are still relatively new, they have become an unavoidable part of our online lives. Whether you are checking Instagram on your morning commute or scrolling through Tik Tok for an unimaginable amount of hours, influencers have become a big part of our daily media consumption. Ireland has its fair share of social media influencers, with many having sused how to become an A-list celebrity in the online world. 

In an Irish sea of social media influencers it can be hard to narrow down who is worthy of following. Here are three Irish social media influencers who are worthy of gracing your newsfeed. 

Dublin native Sophie Murray (@Sophie_Murraayy) is best known for her iconic style and is the ultimate fashion inspiration. She is also known for her amazing curtain bangs, YouTube hauls and her hilarious Agony Aunt Instagram stories. 

With her Pinterest worthy Instagram feed, Sophie Murray has earned herself a massive 117k followers on the platform. The Irish style icon is now giving Tik Tok a try by experimenting with viral trends, posting her outfits of the day and has got herself over one million likes in the process. 

When she isn’t inspiring us to spend our wages in Zara, she also talks everything self love, self care, makeup, sex and relationships. Between her positive attitude and stunning style, Sophie Murray is definitely an Irish influencer worth following – show her some love and become a girly whirly chicken swirly! 

Lindsay Hamiliton (@mermaidajade) and Jenny Claffey (@pvssykat) also known as the IT Galz (@itgalzpodcast) are two best friends turned podcasters and social media influencers. The duo have been creating weekly podcasts for the past four years and overtime have grown in numbers.

Their podcast has something for everyone discussing fashion, must have products, music and just having some laughs. They also openly discuss more ‘taboo’ topics like sex, masturbation and mental health. The IT Galz have used their platforms to help raise funds for charities, with their Chritstmas YouTube livestream raising over €4,000 for the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre. 

With their eccentric fashion senses, bold personalities and their IDGAF attitudes, Lindsay and Jenny are two Irish IT Galz who are definitely worthy of your follow. 

Roz Purcell (@RozannaPurcell) is a beauty pageant queen come Instagram influencer. She is a fitness fanatic, podcaster and self proclaimed foodie. Her Instagram content focuses on lifestyle, vegan cooking and mental health as well as her adorable rescue dogs. 

Rozanna is an icon in the Irish influencer community, preaching to her audience that not everything you see online is a reality. Her adored ‘Instagram VS reality’ posts show her posing for a photo versus her with textured skin, stomach rolls and funny faces helping to normalise our imperfections in an online world full of photoshop and filters. 

Roz is one of a kind when it comes to Irish influencers, showing the good, bad and the ugly. Her content includes cooking tutorials, exercise guides and makeup routines. Rozanna is absolutely worth the follow and guaranteed to add some positivity and self love to your Instagram newsfeed.

These are just some of the amazing Irish influencers that we have gracing our screens each day!

Final year Communications Studies student at DCU.
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