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The term Girl Boss can be controversial. While some see it as a way of suggesting that a boss is generally a man if a girl boss is the name of a woman in charge others see it as a celebration of how many women are killing it iS their work fields at the minute and breaking new goals every single day.  


Chupi Sweetman-Durney is an Irish girl boss who designs and makes multi award winning delicate gold jewellery in Ireland and is sold in leading department and independent stores across Ireland and the UK.  


Chupi, who told The Irish Times that her name meant that she knew from early she was doomed to run a creative company runs her design-led company from her base in Dublin making timeless, unique jewellery for the affordable luxury market. The company is almost four years old and has over 20 staff with fans from London to Tokyo so this girl is a successful boss regardless of her gender.  


Image business woman of the Year 2016, Marissa Carter is a self-proclaimed Girl Boss. 


Once a self-employed beauty salon owner, Marissa Carter is the genius behind the hugely popular tanning range, Cocoa Brown. Marissa, who is well-respected in the beauty and business industry created one of Irelands most successful beauty brands in 2012 and has been dominating all over the world, including the US ever since. Marissa’s affordable tan reportedly sells 3  bottles per minute with the Kardashians as one of her biggest fans. In 2015, after Kylie Jenner posted about the tan, 3 months’ worth of Cocoa Brown US stock sold out in 24 hours. 

This girl boss broke smashed any glass ceiling, creating her multi million euro tanning business while on maternity leave with her son. 


Another Irish woman excelling in the beauty world of business is Ellen Kavanagh Jones, CEO and creator of award-winning wax brand Waxperts.  


Known as “Waxperts Ellen”, this boss now owns two businesses- Waxperts, a salon in Dun Laoghaire which she opened in 2008 and Waxperts Wax, her professional brand which is her waxing products that are supplied into salons and spas nationwide.  


This successful entrepreneur didn’t set out to become her own boss and said it just kind of happened while she was out of work. While working in retail after school Ellen attended beauty college on her day off and decided to specialise in waxing which is what she was best at.  While winning Best Beauty Innovator in the Image Magazine awards was one of the highlights of her career, she said starting a new business during the recession in 2008 felt like an episode of Dragon’s Den that wouldn’t end according to independent.ie. However, the business lady says the key to their success has been always putting the customer first and remaining positive.  

So, girls or not these women are complete bosses in their fields representing Ireland in the business world in every way. 


Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash

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