Finding Your Ideal Sports Bra

The sports bra industry is estimated to be worth around 3.5 billion and makes up nearly a quarter of the bra market. However, a study in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health found that nearly one-fifth of women avoided working out because they could not find a bra that fits them.

Dr. Chantelle Murnaghan, a neuromechanics research scientist, explains that the way breasts move is as unique as our fingerprints, which means different women need different sports bras.

Generally, deciding on a sports bra depends on bra size and therefore the overall support needed. Someone with smaller breasts will need less support than someone with a larger size.


Best Overall Bras

The Sweaty Betty Stamina Bra runs up to a C cup and uses fabric detailing to ensure breathability. The bra is a simple piece for general athletics and exercise.

Brooks Rebound Racer Sports Bra is suited for medium chested people and offers high support. It is dry-wicking, meaning it not only dries quickly after a wash but is sweatproof.

Panache Underwire Sports Bra goes up to an E cup with full support. It minimizes bounce and has adjustable back-straps, along with areas of mesh fabric which allow high mobility.

Additionally, depending on what exercises are being done a different bra is needed to cater to specific motions. Cardio bras tend to be medium to high support, but with a light feel. High impact movements such as those in crossfit need a thicker bra and much more support. Yoga or pilates need to be breathable and tend to have low support.



The Nike FE/NOM FlyKnit is the best bra to offer medium/high support for small to medium bra sizes. It is light, sweatproof and has a ‘barely there’ feel.

The Freya Active Core Sports Bra offers medium to high support for women with DD+ breasts. To avoid a ‘uni-boob’ and to offer some extra support the sports bra has underwire.



Under Armour's Low Triangle Back Sports Bra is suited for smaller chested people. Despite being so thin and small, the bra offers high support with a sleek aesthetic. The only downside is the straps are not adjustable.

Nike’s Swoosh Medium Support Bra is not only iconic, but offers medium support to C/D cup women without compromising comfort.

Ennel Women’s Wire Free Sports Bra is fitted for larger chested women and has no underwire - avoiding any discomfort in the weightroom.


Yoga/Low impact

CRZ Yoga Light Support Cross Back suits any bra size and guarantees comfort during yoga or pilates classes. The bra is not only practical, but is a cute piece to add to any wardrobe.


Most Comfortable

While support and breathability are important in a sports bra, a key factor to any bra is comfort. Sports bra should be worn to work, to class, or just worn to the sitting room couch and not just to the gym.

Most - if not all - of the bras listed above are comfortable but Wacoal Body By Soft Cup Sports Bra is our top pick for comfortability. It is affordable (as cheap as €10 on Amazon), simple, has adjustable straps, and is an overall must-have.