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As busy students, it’s impossible to find the time to do anything nice for ourselves. A pamper night is very rare, a spare half an hour to call a loved one or even a free morning to have a coffee with friends that doesn’t have to be cut short by work, would be a miracle.


However, despite having no time to treat ourselves the way we deserve to be treated, we still find the time to body shame ourselves and compare ourselves to other girls our age on Instagram. Why is this? Can we not look at a photo anymore without staring at other people’s bodies and comparing ourselves? I know I can’t.


We are strong, independent, driven women – that is why we are here, in Her Campus. We add value and life to daily conversations and we inspire others all the time – but now, it’s time to inspire ourselves.


Forget about Instagram for a second. Think about working out and all of the gym trips. Are you doing that for your heart and health, or to boost your opinion of yourself in social situations? It should be a mixture of both, but mostly, it should be for your own happiness.


The mentality of ‘okay, I worked out, now I can have lunch’ is lethal. Girl, you need food. Go for a run because you enjoy running – and guess what, if you don’t like running, you don’t have to! Find something else! Speed walking, cycling, or swimming are all great other ways to boost your heart rate. 


When we exercise, endorphins are released in our brains. These feel good hormones, like serotonin, that boost our moods. Exercising has more benefits than just looking athletic in the long run. By exercising we are contributing to a happier mood, stronger focus, and better sleep.


This article is not your personal PT plan. It is a love letter to you. You are worth it. You do it, for you. We all have bad days – hell, some days I wake up and the first thing that comes into my head is ‘no thanks’, and that is okay. Take that day for you and come back stronger. 


Try and look at Instagram with a filter on your mind. Whenever you catch yourself making comparisons, think of three positive things about yourself, no matter how cheesy they are – in fact, the cheesier the better, they will make you laugh! 


Next time you exercise, think of why you are doing it and remember:

Do it for you. You matter. You and whatever you look like are beautiful. 

Don’t compare, inspire. Three positive things about you for every time you compare yourself to an Instagram photo! 

You are not alone. We are in this together. Let’s do it for us.

I am 21, from Dublin & am studying Communications! My favourite things in life include animals, friends, food, travelling and getting creative.
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