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Dance Workouts: How To Make Your Workouts Groovy!

Working out, or exercising, is one of the best things we can do for both our body and mind. While it is good for us, it can be hard to get into a rhythm of doing it regularly. Just like eating more vegetables, or going to sleep earlier, we seem to find the things that are beneficial to us the hardest to get around to. Well, we are here to help with some tips on how to get your groove on while working out.

Dance workouts are an amazing alternative to the gym and are not just for dancers. Absolutely anyone can enjoy and benefit from them. They help to provide a well-rounded workout with cardio, both aerobic and anaerobic, strength training, flexibility and mobility. Dance is a form of movement that can be both low and high impact also, which can work for an array of bodies and needs. They are also just a fun and exciting way to exercise and, sometimes, you don’t even realise the work you are doing!

Firstly, Youtube is your best friend. With technology nowadays, we can type a few words and click a few buttons and bam! Instant access. There are a wide variety of dance workouts available on Youtube and these are all for free. What could be better for us college students! With society’s interests in dance on the rise, just look at TikTok for proof, the supply of dance videos are being made to provide for the demand. These videos are follow-me style, where the dancer or instructor does a variety of moves and you copy as they go. They usually involve a heap of repetition, perfect for both giving us the time to catch up and getting those reps in! Youtube accounts such as Fitness Marshal or Madfit are among many that provide these types of videos. You can get anything from the 80s to Mamma Mia and Britney Spears to the Pussycat Dolls. There’s something for everyone to try! 

If you’re more of a social workout kind of gal, then looking into dance classes in your local area could be an idea. Start within your university. Do they have a dance society? These can be a great way of getting in that workout, having fun and making new friends. If you’re looking in the wider community classes like Zumba are ideal to get you started. Zumba is an excellent form of exercise and will definitely make you sweat. The music is infectious and even when you’re exhausted, you can’t help but move and groove! If you have ever wanted to try a new or different style of dance, find a beginners class and give it a go. It will definitely be a physical challenge but will be one that you will enjoy! 

If you’re uncomfortable or unsure about the idea of dance workouts, but want to start incorporating them into your routine, start slow. Whether you’re an avid gym-goer or new to the workout scene, you can use dance as part of your workout. For those of you who still enjoy lifting weights or using equipment, use dance as a warm-up or cardio. This might be one for the at-home workouts, but put on your favourite feel-good song and dance it out. You’d be surprised how well this works. Not only is it a good pulse-raiser, but it also releases endorphins to boost our mood. Start a little bit now and then, and eventually dancing around your kitchen will be your favourite form of cardio.

These are just some thoughts on how to make your workouts groovy but it’s up to the individual. Incorporate as much or as little dance as you want into your workouts. It is a great way to get in your steps without even realising and adds a flare of fun to your routine. Even if you don’t think you’re a dance workout type of person, have a little boogie on the club dance floor. You may not intentionally be working out, but that’s the amazing thing about dance. It’s something you can do anywhere, costs you nothing and doesn’t take a second thought.

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