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Crystals To Keep You Motivated And Help You Get Through Exams

Exams can be tough. It’s the time of year that you dread, one that’s full of panic, stress and cramming (unless you’re my lecturer – in that case, I LOVE EXAMS!). I joke, but in seriousness, it can be a very stressful time – so why not go and treat yourself to a few crystals that will help get you through your revision and your exams, but more importantly will help you do so to your best ability.

Crystals can really help you recharge your mind, body, and spirit and if you’re anything like me, they can help you to feel safe. Crystals have been used for many years for a wide range of things – one thing they are acclaimed for is their ability to provide healing properties that can give you a sense of clarity and peace. Luckily there are crystals to help guide you through almost everything. With so many crystals available, it’s important to know what benefit each crystal brings, and what they should be used for. So, without further ado, here are my top picks for crystals that will help you through exams.


This crystal is amazing for keeping you motivated! It is commonly known as the genius stone because it is great for focusing when studying and allows your mind to open up to new ideas. It increases concentration (its vibrations stimulate electrical charges in the brain) and opens up new ways of working for your brain. There are different types of fluorite, all working better for certain things regarding studying. For example, green fluorite encourages creativity, purple fluorite helps with mathematical equations and rainbow fluorite is great at encouraging a balanced and coherent thought process and helps to overcome worrying about the future (which I know I could definitely use!)

Clear Quartz: 

This crystal is amazing at giving you the ability to hold onto information and is great for keeping you focused while clearing your mind of distractions. It also is amazing with clearing away negativity and bringing in healing energy along with harmony! It enhances creativity and inspiration and brings clarity of mind to help you focus while studying! Clear Quartz is also used to enhance energy from other stones as it reflects the energy, meaning your other crystals power will be stronger with this stone!


Amethyst is essentially the allrounder of crystals and is one I definitely keep in my bag at all times. Not only is it great for protection, but is also amazing for focusing your mind, and keeping you centred. It also has the ability to keep you calm by settling your emotions, while bringing you a sense of protection and peace. It’s amazing at bringing about your inner strength and balance which is something I think we all need around exam time. Amethyst is great for stress relief as it helps the mind create positive and peaceful thoughts and it’s great for meditating with.

Tigers Eye:

Tigers Eye is not only a gorgeous looking crystal but a powerful one too. It has strong calming vibrations which help to relieve anxiety and stress. Tigers Eye is known for being used to enhance protection along with bravery and luck – something which we could all use around exam time!


This crystal is amazing at instilling courage and confidence in you! This crystal specialises in personal power and growth (personal power is certainly something we could all use when it comes to exams!) The vibrations from this stone promote success, and helps clear your mind of negativity and self-doubt, meaning no more negative vibes holding you back from your full potential! I mean come on, could you want any more from a crystal?! 

Green Aventurine: 

This crystal is great at giving you courage, luck and peace – with its strong vibrations promoting optimism and a healthy outlook on life. It’s also great for forward-thinking, so perfect for allowing you to take control and get down to doing some great and worthwhile studying! It also helps clear blocked up negative energy, helping you to move forward while looking forward to what is coming and not move backwards or focus on what has already happened!

So all that’s left now is for you to go out and treat yourself to some gorgeous new crystals, keep them on your desk and use them when you’re meditating (there are some great crystal meditations on YouTube to guide you!) and go forward AND GET THOSE RESULTS! 

You’ve got this!

My name is Emma, and I'm originally from the north west of Ireland! I'm a journalism student in DCU, and have loved reading and writing ever since I was young. I'm a big lover of music, and also do some modelling work on the side!
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