Counties That Don't Have Coronavirus Cases

As the Covid-19 virus spreads like wildfire through our own little island and surrounding countries, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to know what areas in the world are yet to be affected. 

China was the first country that faced the outbreak. Now, almost four months on from their first confirmed case, the country is beginning to retract its total lockdown and business is starting back up.  

Life is slowly becoming normal again for its citizens, who suffered immensely over the last few months but showed the world that if people in a country pull together, they will all make it through this terrifying health crisis. 

Other countries such as Italy are beginning to see a drop in deaths, which shines a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. However, for some other countries, such as Germany, Spain and the UK, this is only the beginning of the journey as their states enter total lockdowns.  

Ireland is in effective lockdown until April 12th. Until then, everyone must stay at home unless they are food shopping, are partaking in brief exercise less than 2km from their home, attending necessary appointments or collecting medical prescriptions, or are an essential services worker. 

The number of countries in the world that are completely unaffected with zero confirmed cases is unknown.  

Malawi is just one country that is openly declaring that they have zero confirmed cases. But this isn’t stopping the country from raking necessary precautions, as schools and colleges have already been shut as a precaution following the President of the country declaring a ‘national disaster’ amidst the outbreak in other countries 

Russia has very few cases given the large population. Other countries with even lower confirmed cases include Syria, Somalia, Mozambique, Sudan, and Fiji. 

Based on the live update website, Worldometers, countries in Africa and South America appear to have the lowest number of cases while countries in Europe have far higher numbers. 

In the United State of America, all states have confirmed cases despite belief that West Virginia had zero cases which instead, has the lowest number of confirmed cases at just over 20. New York is the worst affected, with over 25,000 confirmed cases. 

The Telegraph posted a map which shows a range in the cases of each country globally. Based on this, Bolivia, Paraguay, Papua New Guinea and Denmark also have incredibly low confirmed cases. 

The Covid-19 virus is undoubtedly taking over the world, with most countries reportedly having at least one confirmed case of the virus. While the uncertainty remains as to what countries have zero cases, we can monitor what areas across the world have increasing cases and a lowering number of cases. 

China has proven that if countries work together to stop the spread of the virus, life can at some point return to normal as we know it.