College Chill Time

As college students, we receive an overload of information every day which we are expected to deal with. A presentation one week, an essay the next week, an in-class test that same week and trying to prepare for exams in advance.  


Not to mention if you are studying a subject which requires you to be doing extra work such as building up a portfolio of your own work and experience, finding your own work experience during the summer months while trying to work at a part time job to support yourself to stay in college. 


College is a full time job, even though you might only have part time hours. Therefore, it’s essential to find that ‘me time’ every week even if it's only for a few hours to clear your mind and relax your tired brain.  


Right now almost every stressed college students shoulders are raised and tensed, their tongue is at the roof of their mouth, teeth possibly clenched and forehead muscles tight with concentration. These are the true signs that you need a break.  


Creating a timetable for each week is essential because it shows you how much time to dedicate to college work, extra-curricular work and how much time you have left to spend with friends, family and yourself.  


‘Me time’ can be as simple as taking a bath or getting a good night sleep because that can sometimes seem impossible. Take one evening a week to do something fun like go to the cinema or a night out preferably on the student night.  


3 mobile have 2 for €10 deal for cinemas around the country from Sunday evenings to Thursdays which includes the Savoy on O’Connell street and IMC Santry. There’s a plethora of restaurants that offer students deals also.  


If exercise is a stress reliever then try to do what suits you best at least three times a week, such as going to the gym or walking the dog - which brings us onto another point. 


Two 2012 studies, each published in the Journal of Research in Personality examined the impact that pets have on human emotions. Patients who spent a short amount of time with a dog experienced a 37 percent reduction in their anxiety levels. DCU often hold puppy petting days which are used to relieve stress in students. If you have a pet, make sure to have them around when completing assignments.  


For some, listening to music can release stress because it is linked to our emotions. So lying in bed listening to your favourite playlist in the evening is another way to unwind.  


Save your money and plan a concert or short getaway. Prague, Budapest and the Czech Republic are extremely budget friendly countries to visit because the living costs are so low.  


The most important thing is that students monitor their stress levels because our mental health is just as important as our physical health.