Chair Ladies - Emma Collins

Emma Collins is a 21-year-old communications student from Tipperary and is Chairperson of DCU Style Society. Style Soc was set up by previous DCU student Laura Whitmore. It allows students to be creative in the vicinity of themselves. It’s the only society in DCU that promotes self-expression through clothes and its kind of the only art form through clothes

  •  What made you initially join the society you are now running?

To make friends. I know it’s a really generic reason to join a society. I came up from Tipperary, I didn’t really know anybody from college. I had always been really interested in art, music and fashion and essentially just dressed really strangely. I thought Style sounded like a good fit. The girls were lovely and the vibe was nice and friendly.

  • Name three people who inspire you daily?

First, my dad always inspires me. He is just the best and would just do anything for anyone. He is always happy, always cheery no matter how busy he is. He always takes the time for everyone and it's just a quality that I hope I would have.

The next person is probably Leandra Cohen, who pretty much invented Man Repeller. I remember listening to this interview she did one day before she created the concept of Man Repeller. She was talking about how at the time she had broken up with her now husband, she was living at home with her Mom again, she didn’t know what she was doing with her life and in this state of denial and then she had to go through all of this and evaluate what she was doing in her life. This was all during her mid-twenties when she felt like everyone else had a plan and if you look at her life now, the fun and amazing things it’s so inspiring.

Kim Jordan the female bass player for sonic youth. She was this really creative powerhouse. Really interested in the visual and fashion behind the band, art and culture and bringing that altogether was through Sonic Youth.


  • What are the rays of sunshine and the clouds of rain aspects of charing a society?

I think the highs are when you plan an event, it is such a low when you are climbing mount admin, sending those emails and trying to get everyone involved, everyone hyped, just trying to get all the pieces to click together and it’s just so worth it when all those pieces click together. You have to make sure everyone is happy and you’re happy too! 

  • What are your college staples to get you through the college day?

Probably one thing I always have with me is my headphones. It’s not even in listening to anything cool, I could be listening to the Abba Gold Hits or just a podcast, I find the best things I do are getting in the mood. I find when you’re chairperson you’re constantly thinking about the next thing and sometimes you forget live to in the now. My headphones are always in my bag.


  • Your favourite college memory?

There is actually quite a lot and probably the majority of them are in relation to Style Soc. Really the friends who I have made throughout my time in college, so many of them have been through style soc and held together because of style soc. Probably the fashion show last year where I was the head stylist. It was the perfect amalgamation of the highs and the lows. It is the closest to real life art you will ever see.


  • For people who are somewhat shy at the prospect of joining a society, what advice would you give to them?

This would almost be me talking to a younger me. I didn’t go for First Rep, I was so shy but now looking back as the Chair, if you can’t face the big events don’t push yourself don’t be too worried. Push yourself to do the little steps because you are always moving. Try to go to things that will make you talk to people


  • Would you consider yourself a GirlBoss? And with that, what defines a GirlBoss, in your opinion?

I consider Vice Chair Bronagh Kelly to be a GirlBoss. She is a GirlBoss through and through and doesn’t get enough credit for it. she is the backbone of the Style society. She is so driven, so kind, so caring. She really pushes herself to be the best she can be. When you see someone organised, considerate kind, driven, motivated it makes you want to be driven and motivated. I only hope to be like Bronagh Kelly.


  • What should we look forward to with your society this year?

We have a few big events. Our biggest event of the year is the DCU Fashion Show, which is the biggest student-run fashion show on February 21st. The theme is life imitates art.

  • Describe your society in 6 words?

Welcoming, open, stylish, groovy, bootilicious and one of a kind.