Chair Ladies - Chloe Demolder


Chloe Demolder is a final year Communications student and the chairperson of DCU Dance. Her main passion is of course, dance and performing in general. The Dancing Queen already works as a dancer in a club, but her dream is to be a backing dancer and travel around the world doing shows for the likes of, Queen B and other big artists. I believe, Chloe will have no problem pursuing this as her passion and drive for dance is quite extraordinary, not to mention admirable. For now, she is extremely content with creating her own little Beyoncé’s, be it through a heels workshop, or helping someone to nail a double pirouette or even making true friendships in college. 

It was a pleasure interviewing Chloe and finding out her experiences being a fresher, how it was initially tough, but through the discovery of DCU Dance, the society not only gave her confidence but gave her friends and memories that she will cherish forever. 

A true DCU GirlBoss. 

1.  What made you initially join the society you are now running?

I was actually so worried that I would have to give up dancing by going to college because the options were to go and study dance or else come to DCU. I had no idea that I’d get the amount of opportunities that I’ve had by going to DCU and joining Dance. My heart was set on it the second I heard about it (which wasn’t until my orientation day, where Dance performed in the Helix). I auditioned and got onto 2 squads and then the rest is history - I was hooked.

2. Name three people who inspire you daily?

My mother, definitely. It can’t be put into words what a strong and amazing person she is - and many of my college friends would agree. She has acted as a mother and a teacher for SO many people and manages to bake 6 brown breads 2 apple tarts and scones in between haha.

In the dance world, my biggest influence would probably be Jade Chynoweth. She is another level. If my brain is feeling mushy or I’m just not motivated to do anything, I go on a binge of her dance videos and I’m straight back up and going. The fact that she’s a year younger than me also gives me a kickstart to get my life going.

Cher. “My mom said to me, “you know sweetheart one day you should settle down and marry a rich man” and I said “Mom, I am a rich man.” She said THAT.


3. What are the rays of sunshine and the clouds of rain aspects of charing a society?

The ray of sunshine about being the chair of DCU Dance is getting to give back what I got. It sounds so cheesy but this society has done the world for me. Gotten me jobs, experiences, friends and confidence that I couldn’t have imagined. That’s also my main thing. I’ve mentioned it before but seeing someone achieve their inner Beyonce is the best feeling. I see the most beautiful girls with the lowest self-confidence, who have been broken down and for me to even be a brink in helping to build up again makes me so happy. Seeing their alter ego come out when a saucy dance is taught to them is so great. Even if it only lasts for the dance, it’s a start and we know that it’s in everyone, she just needs to come out.

Not so much a cloud of rain but something I find quite difficult to understand is passion and that some people just don’t have the same passion that you would have. I’m not shunning anyone and it’s probably not great to be as dance-orientated as I, but it’s hard being one of the very few that put your heart and soul into something when other people just don’t have the same love for it.

4. What are your college staples to get you through the college day?

My laptop - I have my whole life on my laptop.

My earphones - I can’t stick a journey without music

Some form of pen - always handy

5. Your favourite college memory?

I honestly can’t put it down to one. It has been such a thrill ride but if I HAD to choose, it would probably be the Dance external trip to Berlin last year. That was the most ridiculous experience I’ve ever had. I got to stay in a room with my 3 best friends and from the second the 30 of us stepped into that hostel, we just laughed for the whole trip. I have some of the best memories from that trip and I am so excited for London this year with the same crew.

6. For people who are somewhat shy at the prospect of joining a society, what advice would you give to them?

DO IT!! Coming from the girl who spent her first few nights in campus accommodation having panic attacks and crying because she didn’t know anyone, go out there and do it. I was absolutely petrified but I just signed up. I by chance heard someone saying she was going to the Dance auditions and I said I’d go with her. 2 years later she’s one of my best friends.There’s no harm in signing up, except maybe for the €4 fee but who needs that extra can of Slatts? Talk to the committee, talk to other people signing up. They’re all there for that common interest so just do it and you won’t regret it.

7. Would you consider yourself a GirlBoss? And with that, what defines a GirlBoss, in your opinion?

I’m not there yet. Still have a few things to better myself at but I’m happy with who I am for now so I guess that’s what a Boss attitude is. Knowing your abilities but also knowing there’s also room to improve. Accepting flaws is admirable and that includes flaws in others too. We all have them and reasons for having them so the Boss attitude for me is to live and let live but also, you better WORK.

8. What should we look forward to with your society this year?

We’ve already achieved so much. Our events have gone better than ever but now our main focus is Intervarsities. We have already started training harder than ever and all of us have a new fire under us for this year. We want to WIN this year and I see it in everyone it’s so exciting. It’s going to be held in Dublin this year so we’re back on home ground with hopefully some supporters coming with us, it’s going to be intense but amazing.

9. Describe your society in 6 words?

Crazy, hilarious, family, passionate, ridiculous and E X T R A


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