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Bring Peace and Quiet to Your Life With Yoga and Meditation


At first when you think of meditation, you probably think it’s something that requires you to invest a lot of time and energy. That isn’t the case. Meditation is free therapy. It helps reduce stress, anxiety, it promotes focus on self-care and emotional wellbeing.


It’s a great way to unwind, relax and experience calmness. By including ten minutes of me-time in the morning, afternoon or evening, you will reap the benefits of meditation. No matter how busy your schedule is, taking that minute for yourself can work wonders. 


It depends on personal preference when you would like to meditate. Which is a good place to start if you are a beginner.


We all remember the days in secondary school when the school chaplain would play some relaxing music accompanied by the chaplain acting as a guide and everyone would just fall asleep. 


Get comfortable or find a quiet place you can sit and close your eyes focusing on your breathing. 


Meditation is part of yoga. Meditation deals with concentration and breath control, yoga focuses on the relationship between our minds and bodies. Yoga focuses on physical movements. 


Whether you are a long term mediator or a beginner who is new to the art of mindfulness, there are many options for you. Yoga is not for everyone. This is where mindfulness can be fab. If you have a really active mind, suffer from anxiety or depression, guided meditation may be a good place to start too. 


Intention is also important whether you want to feel healthier, learn to relax or try something new, by deciding what you want to achieve with meditation or yoga can make it more effective. 


You can find so many free podcasts, apps, and videos online that promote meditation. Apps like headspace and calm, are an excellent way of adding meditation to your schedule and encourage you to feel less stressed and can improve sleep quality. 


“Sangha Studio'' on Youtube comes highly recommended. They start off with 10 minute sessions and as you learn more, there are longer sessions available. There are a wide range of free meditation and yoga resources available with the click of a button. 


Yoga mats can be bought in argos or on ebay for a fiver excluding post and package. As part of many gym memberships, yoga classes are also part of gym timetables. 


At the moment they aren’t running under level 3 restrictions, but there are many options available for those who are interested in trying something new, that can be done in the comfort of your own home. 


Your mind is a powerful thing, by looking after it, your life will start to change.

My name is Sarah. I grew up in Ballymun and completed my BA in Communications in DCU in May 2020. I'm now a masters in Journalism student in DCU. I love music, the arts, culture, beauty and karaoke.
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