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The best LGBTQ+ Films, Books and Tv Series’

The LGBTQ+ community hasn’t always been the most represented on screen, but this has changed hugely in recent years with the majority of films and tv shows now having at least one LGBTQ+ character. Here is a list of some of the best LGBTQ+ themed films, movies, and books for your enjoyment. 


It’s A Sin – Tv series

If you haven’t seen It’s A Sin yet, then get out from under your rock. The five-part drama series is unmissable and truly evocative and poignant in nature. The show follows a group of housemates living in a flat in London which they have lovingly dubbed ‘The Pink Palace.’ The main characters, Ritchie Tozer, Colin Morris-Jones and Roscoe Babatunde, all gay men have come to London for a more exciting life and to enjoy newfound freedom and sexual liberation after moving out of their family homes and leaving behind the shackles of conservative Britain. Unfortunately, this comes at a price when the new, mysterious illness AIDS comes knocking on their door. Expect lots of heart wrenching scenes, plot twists and simply beautiful depictions of unfaltering love and loyalty in friendship. Available to stream on All 4.


Call Me By Your Name – Book and film

Ideal for both book and film lovers, Call Me By Your Name written by André Aciman details the coming-of-age story of teenager Elio Perlman and his romantic relationship with 24-year-old American academic Oliver. The story takes place over a 6-week vacation in Elio’s family’s Italian villa and showcases the beauty of the Italian countryside as well as first loves. The attraction between the characters is interesting because they are quite different in personality. Elio is more introverted, but Oliver gives him confidence. There is also a loving and positive relationship between Elio and his father who supports him in all areas. 


A Secret Love – Documentary

If you’re looking for an emotional and joyful story about love, I would recommend the Netflix documentary, A Secret Love. It follows Pat Henschel and Terry Donahue. Terry was a former All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player and ran a successful interior decorating business with Pat. The inspiring couple kept their lesbian relationship secret from their families for almost 70 years before revealing the true nature of their relationship. Expect many emotional scenes from the pair as they come to terms with moving out of their long-term home. 


Dating Amber – Film

I couldn’t write this article without including the wonderful drama and romance film, Dating Amber. The film was released on Amazon Prime Video last summer and is set in Ireland during the mid-90s. Eddie and Amber attend secondary school together and are both coming to terms with their sexuality. Despite this they aren’t ready to be open about their sexuality considering the conservative setting they find themselves in. The clever pair decide to start a fake relationship to stop their peers from bullying them and using homophobic language. This is the perfect watch if you’re looking for a nice heart-warming, coming of age story.


The Miseducation of Cameron Post – Book and film

The Miseducation of Cameron Post stars Chloe Grace Moretz as a young gay woman who is sent to a gay conversion therapy center for teenagers in 90s America. She tries to adapt to life there and repress her sexuality but meets other like-minded young people who share her views and scepticism of the programme. Currently streaming on Netflix.


Honourable mentions:

The Danish Girl

Love, Simon


The Half of It

Sex Education

Handsome Devil

Big Mouth

The Politician

Alex Strangelove

With all of these tv series’, books and films today, LGBTQ+ representation has never been higher.

Kayley is currently studying the MA in Social Media Communications at DCU and holds a degree in Journalism and New Media from the University of Limerick. Kayley is from Westmeath and is the Social Media Marketing Manager for ProWeld Ireland. She loves modern dance, pop culture and Netflix. She also enjoys feature writing and is interested in fashion, the arts, lifestyle, education, and current affairs.
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