5 Health Trends to Look Out for in 2019

Every year brings fresh ideas and theories about how we should be nourishing our health, both physically and mentally. 2019 is no exception to this and has already given rise multiple trends that give us even more options to be the best version of ourselves. 


CBD products 

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, has seen a great surge in popularity already in 2019. It comes from the cannabis plant but lacks THC, the compound that makes you high. Not only does CBD relieve pain and reduce anxiety, depression, acne and insomnia but various research has found that it also benefits the heart and circulatory system. Although the most common way to consume CBD is oil, other ways include capsules, vapes, balms and lotions. CBD is not illegal in Ireland and can be purchased in health food and specialised stores across the country. 


Live Stream Classes 

At home workouts have always been a cheap alternative to a gym membership but they are getting even more immersive in 2019. Fitness studios all around the world have started live streaming workouts so that anybody can benefit from the motivation of a coach even if they can’t physically get to one. All viewers work out at the same time so there is less temptation to pause and fall behind everyone. These workouts range from free- ‘NEOU’, affordable- ‘The Fitness marshall’, to more expensive- ‘Peleton’. 


Oat Milk 

For those that want to steer clear of dairy milk for whatever reason, there are plenty of options- soy, rice, coconut, almond, rice to name a few. Oat Milk is the newest alternative and is made by blending oats and water together. It is the closest physical dairy milk replacement available as it is creamy and foams just like the real thing. It is relatively low in protein but beats out all the alternatives in terms of fibre. 


A different take on snacks 

When you take a stroll through the supermarket, don’t be surprised to see snacks presented a little differently in 2019; in the form of ready to go seafood. Crisps made from seaweed or fish skins are emerging as well as tuna in pouches and puffed water lily seeds. There will also be an increase in the popularity of frozen snacks such as avocado ice pops and hummus ice cream. 


Social Usage Tracking 

Social media and the incapability of switching off the outside world has had a massive toll on mental health. 2019 sees the rise of technologies that monitor their time online, set restrictions and allow people to minimise their usage. ‘Social Fever’ and ‘Moment’ are examples of monitoring apps but more advanced paid options are also available on the apple, android and google stores. 


Bear in mind that these are just trends and are not be taken as gospel. After all, some health trends in the early 1900s included heroin cough syrup and radioactive drinks. Granted, much more research goes into health today but be cautious and don’t follow a trend blindly.