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Ultimate Ways to Use the HC Survival Kit to Handle Stress

1. Look good, feel good can totally be a thing.

If you’ve got a big presentation that you’re nervous about, or hell, even an exam—look good for it. Look like you’re ready to slay and you’ll convince yourself. Then you won’t get bogged down by nerves, and you’ll be able to do you. Give yourself a cat eye sharp enough to cut glass (glass ceilings perhaps). Give yourself mile-long lashes and a bright lip. Do it for yourself, not to impress anyone, but to make yourself feel like you can take over the world. Thank you Rimmel London for the tools we need to do it!

2. Treat yo self.

Give yourself some much deserved pampering time with one of the amazing Freeman face masks. No matter what your skin type, give your skin a little rejuvenation and yourself a little R&R.

3. Be prepared for emergencies.

The world is a big scary place, whether you’re a collegiette navigating the world abroad, or, to put things in a more timely perspective, out in Charlotte protesting the injustice we’re seeing around our country. Attach the awesome Wearsafe panic buttons to your phone and focus on what you’re out in the world to do rather than worrying.

4. Stop being a grown up.

Whether it’s a literary classic or a bio textbook or something in between, reading can be exhausting. Snuggle up with a copy of Adulting is a Myth to give yourself a laugh, a much-deserved break, and a reminder that it’s okay not to have it all together.

5. A relaxing cup of tea wherever, whenever.

Thanks to the new CamelBak water bottles, you never need to leave home without your favorite relaxing drink.

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