Reasons why I love living with my three other female roommates

I live with three other amazing women! Going into this school year I was a little wary about the living situation. Our apartment is tiny and I was worried that being together that much would torch our friendships. Obviously, there are sacrifices we all make to maintain the harmonious vibes in the apartment, but, halfway through the school year, I am here to tell you that it is one of the best things that have happened to me at Davidson and here are some specifics on why:

1. Their closets- my roomies have dope clothes and I always directly benefit and get to borrow and trade clothes, so huge win!

2. Shower jams- even though sharing a shower with three other girls scared me a little, but after realizing how much fun it is to jam out with them waiting in line for the shower became fun and a highlight of my day.

3. Squad pics- I always have people to take pictures (mostly selfies) with!

4. Foods- making dinner with my roommates are fun not to mention the yummy food we whip up.

5. Weekend mornings- lazy mornings where we all clamber into one bedroom and watch dumb Netflix movies together are honestly the best.

6. Getting ready- getting ready together before a night out are precious times in our apartment. Once again, more music, more outfit sharing.

7. I’m never lonely- these ladies always have their doors open and ready to talk to me when I need it (even when they don’t really want to).

8. Built-in work out buddies- we motivate each other and drag each other to the gym. Really helps me stay accountable.


So thanks again to my roommates for being inspiring, lovely women to live with! 


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