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How to Avoid the Davidson Disease

The Bubonic Plague. Mad Cow Disease. The Davidson Disease.

Every time I have to obligatorily press the button in Chambers to keep the doors open, I feel myself inching closer and closer to the all-dreaded Davidson disease—the communal cold. Yes, who would have thought that clustering a bunch of teenagers with questionable hygiene habits and high libidos in small, overcrowded dorm rooms would breed illness? Commons might as well be slang for the “common cold.” (Ba-dum. Tsss.)

I’ve been sick six times this year. SIX TIMES. Once during finals week. Let me tell you: trying to cogitate thoughts about issues of papal diplomacy in between blowing your nose aggressively is not a task easily accomplished. (Though I wouldn’t have minded contracting the good old, boiling bubonic if it meant getting out of a three-hour final).

I remember when sick days meant getting off school and having Mommy rub your head, make you soup, and watch Spongebob reruns with you. Now, now it means schlepping yourself out of bed at 8:15, nose running, to wheeze and cough your way into Chambers only to be met with the resentful stares of your classmates as you spread your illness to the public. Because apparently, sick days aren’t a thing here and I can’t even imagine missing class because of the resounding workload that would pile up. 

And although it would probably take living in some kind of hamster ball to avoid getting sick at least once a year here, I have compiled a list of tips to avoid contracting the Davidson Disease.

1) Don’t be a hero

Davidson students are super nice. Arguably too nice. Yes, be that kind hallmate and get your friend some soup/meds/tissues/heartfelt moral support, but for pete’s sake, do not position yourself as their 24/7 nursemaid. Getting too close when trying to help your friends will only aid in spreading their microbes further. Let your kindness come from a ten-foot pole. It’ll be a lot kinder in the long run when you don’t end up giving their cold back to them. That also goes for you heroic Chambers button pushers and Union door holders. Three words: Use your elbows.

2) Get high: Get Airborne

That’s right kids. Frequent flying business women/men and over-doting mothers/fathers all swear by this stuff. It’s airborne. It’s basically vitamin C and rumor has it that it can help boost your immune system so that you can fight the cold this season before it even starts.

3) Hydration Station

Those water fountains are there for a reason people. My roommate swears that she hasn’t gotten sick at Davidson because she drinks enough water to fill Lake Norman over again twice. Obviously, there are other biological reasons for you to drink water (I’ll leave it to you Pre-Med students to disseminate that info). Sure, you’ll have to pee more, but it sure beats vomiting and phelgming. (Sexy stuff here guys, I know).

4) Sleep

I know Davidson students pride themselves on their sleep deprivation (Number one in the South, amiright?). And as smart and non-dysfunctional as that sounds, sleep is very important to avoid getting sick, so sayeth WebMD. (Check the following WebMD article below: http://www.webmd.com/sleep-disorders/features/immune-system-lack-of-sleep) So shut up and go to bed.

5) Stress less

Studies show that stress decreases your immunity. Someone should fact check that for me. But I’m 72% sure that’s entirely accurate. 

Ultimately these tips will be futile. In the end, you’ll probably going to get sick. In that case, check out this HerCampus article on what to do when that inevitably occurs. Have fun with that nose phlegm and chest congestion, y’all.

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