5 Signs Davidson Is Getting to You

The end of first semester is fast approaching. Commons food is seeming less and less appealing. Your professors have managed to dump you with last minute papers and projects, or you have effectively put them off till the last possible moment. You catch a glimpse of the light of winter break in the distance, but you're still stuck in the dark limbo of Workload. You're getting a little stir crazy, maybe even starting to act a little out of character. Lately, you've caught yourself...

1) Leaving your laptop and luggage unattended at the airport, because honor code.

2) Saying y'all even though you aren't from the South.

3) Giving your CatCard to the Chipotle cashier. News flash: it's not on meal plan.

4) Responding to an innocent "how are you?" by detailing how much work you have.

5) Looking at Birkenstocks online.

STOP RIGHT THERE! This has gone too far.

TGIAWB! (Thank God it's almost winter break). For now, know you're not alone. I'm here. And I've got the Davidson crazies, too. Yep, it's a great day to be a wildcat.

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